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  1. PlanoHawk

    Dallas/North Dallas Game Watch??

    Usually the DFW I-Club holds multiple game watches for each game but haven't seen anything for tonight... Anyone know details of any watches or anyone want to get beers for the game?
  2. PlanoHawk

    Oregon's Crazy New Basketball Floor

  3. PlanoHawk

    Long Distance Tailgating for Wisconsin Game

    Plano, TX - Getting the grill ready to go and throw the football around with the kiddo. Will be watching the game at home with a glass of whiskey. What else is everyone doing that can't hit up the game?
  4. PlanoHawk

    KEN O'KEEFE... Mailed IT IN!

    enough said
  5. PlanoHawk

    Pregame Penn State e-Tailgating Thread

    For those of you not in Iowa City or able to attend at Kinnick- join the conversation. I'm stuck watching the Red River Rivalry with the wife, the Texas fan. Blah! Has Hawkeye pregame started yet?
  6. PlanoHawk

    Rudock on ESPNU right NOW

    Just flipping through the channels and caught his St Thomas team playing a team from Georgia. Just just threw a Touchdown bomb on 3rd and 30 for a 40+ yd touchdown.
  7. PlanoHawk

    ESPN Mobile - Name the Game Contest

    Was sitting through a boring Wednesday afternoon meeting on ESPN mobile and saw they are doing a "Name the Game" contest for about 5 games this weekend in honor of the Red River Rivalry also taking place. Have enough creative energy on this board that I figured someone would be interested...
  8. PlanoHawk

    Anyone watching Gameday?

    Normally flip between Gameday and the Big Ten Network- but I just can't watch Gameday this morning. I love seeing the fans from all the schools yell and act crazy (and see the occasional Iowa flag/banner) but having Gameday on Boise's field sucks. The fans are boring- it makes me think back to...
  9. PlanoHawk

    Iowa Linebackers - Thoughts??

    Good win for the Hawks, just curious to get the opinions of the masses. I don't feel like we had great linebacker play today- maybe others feel differently. Maybe it was them "doing their jobs" or maybe it was EIU spreading things out... but especially at MLB we have lots of opportunity to...
  10. PlanoHawk

    Couldn't the Big Ten do TWO Protected Rivalries?

    OK, so I'm not very excited at all about fabricating a "rivalry" game with Purdue. If the Big Ten is going to go to a 9-game conference schedule soon... why the hell couldn't the Big Ten do TWO protected rivalries? You'd then have two games to rotate between four teams- either rotate one out...
  11. PlanoHawk

    Justice Hayes Set to Announce Tomorrow (7/29)

    Just read on Rittenberg's ESPN blog (via the Detroit News) that Justice Hayes will announce tomorrow at 11am. 4 Big Ten schools (Northwestern, Iowa, Michigan State, and Michigan) plus Notre Dame are the leaders. "It was a combination of one school just jumped out and really hit me in the head...
  12. PlanoHawk

    2012 WR Amara Darboh

    Heard we offered this in-state kid... anyone know info about him?
  13. PlanoHawk

    Big Ten name and logo here to stay?

    Interesting Q&A with the person who designed the Big Ten logo the last time for expansion Designed to Change Q. How might you redesign the Big Ten's logo if you had the chance again? A. When they went to 11 [members], I actually gave them a 12 and a 13.
  14. PlanoHawk

    Another Big Ten Choosing Texas & Texas A&M

    Multiple sources now- Big Ten Expansion – Texas and Texas A&M May Choose Big Ten
  15. PlanoHawk

    Big Ten Title Game Without Expansion?

    Interesting read from Rittenberg on ESPN... just passing it along. Adam Rittenberg - Big Ten Tittle Game Without Expansion?