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  1. trj

    Luka Garza, Joe Wieskamp Invited to NBA Draft Combine

    JW getting the invite mean he is officially pretty much gone?
  2. trj

    would you rather...

    Jesus, one 9-3 season and you guys come out of the woodwork. I expect 50 variations of this thread between now and September. I will play along because I am bored. Yes, despite how annoying a certain part of your fanbase is winning the West is more important.
  3. trj

    OT: NBA Playoffs!

    Let's just say of all the teams left; the Sixers are the only team to win a title in the last 40 years. If you get a Milwaukee/Utah final you are going to find out who the basketball purist really are because no one else is watching that. Secretly, I am rooting for it just to see two small...
  4. trj

    Brody and baseball

    Jeff Samardzija That's what immediately comes to mind to me. Given the info that is out there, football is his first love. As of now, I see him playing both. Conner 2.0? lol, Danan Hughes 6.0? What's the magic number($$$$) that makes him go "fuck football"?
  5. trj

    Iowa Football Visit A Lifetime Memory for Kaspers

    Too lazy to look it look it up....Kasper is what 2nd or 3rd all-time in receptions in Hawkeye history? He is up there in yardage as well. Kasper and Tim Dwight were born 20-25 years too soon. I think both dudes would be incredible now the way guys are able to operate in space, everything is...
  6. trj

    Fran McCaffery Excited By '21-22 Roster's Potential

    21-13 That feels about right to me. Don't know if that is a NIT bid or a play-in game in Dayton. The 15-25% chance that JW comes back... then we are talking 24-10, 23-11 and a 8,9,10 seed in the tournament.
  7. trj

    Am I wrong to think....

    I thought JW was gone for sure, but now I am starting to waffle a little bit. Obviously, Fran is holding a scholarship open if JW wants to return. I think he really wants to make the leap... it is all based on feedback at this point. Enough positive feedback and he is gone...overwhelming...
  8. trj

    JBO Update?

    So his brother Zach is his publicist. Just kidding.
  9. trj

    Bohnenkamp: An Early Look at '21 Iowa Football Season

    I don't know, man. It feels like if this year's team wins less than 10 games a good chunk of their fanbase will be disappointed. Btw, not sure if you gamble or not. But many places have the ISU over/under win total at 9.5. You want to make some easy money take the under.;) So based on...
  10. trj

    Bohnenkamp: An Early Look at '21 Iowa Football Season

    9-3/8-4 I will stick with that prediction. As of now, Iowa is the favorite in 10 of their 12 games. It is Iowa football so we know there is at least one of those favorable matchups that will end in a frustrating loss.
  11. trj

    Tyler Cook Buys Mom New Car

    Take the Ryan Bowen approach: play really hard and be a good teammate. He could stretch this out for another 5 or 6 years I wouldn't bet on it, but those 10th, 11th, 12th spots on NBA rosters are pretty fluid so with a little luck who knows. As for getting more guys in the league I just shrug...
  12. trj

    Jordan Bohannon Involved in Physical Altercation

    That’s a fair assessment. Your posts throughout this thread hasn’t changed my opinion on this, but it has made me re-think some things.
  13. trj

    Jordan Bohannon Involved in Physical Altercation

    Not defending what happened, but he will think long and hard the next time he has the urge to talk shit.
  14. trj

    Jordan Bohannon Involved in Physical Altercation

    So is the guy in the black hoodie the one who sucker punched Jbo? Also, the guy shooting the video said, "hopes this pops off". What's that dude's story?
  15. trj

    OT: NBA Playoffs!

    Or have a 50 game schedule and the contraction of about 8 teams would also work. Obviously, that is never going to happen because of financial reasons.
  16. trj


    Accuracy You either you have it or you don’t. Most of us have seen enough football where we can come up with some exceptions, but for the most part you have a feel for it or you never figure it out. Put me in the camp of it is basically a 2 game audition. If he struggles in both, you gotta...
  17. trj

    OT: NBA Playoffs!

    I wish the regular season could match some of intensity the playoffs gives you.... Give me a Nets/Lakers final....with the Nets winning it in 6.
  18. trj

    CJ Fredrick Addresses Tampering Charge Against Kentucky

    That's just it if he had been more forthcoming about what he wanted to do this wouldn't be a big deal because we would all kinda get it. The way he handled it was equivalent to breaking up with someone via text.
  19. trj

    CJ Fredrick Addresses Tampering Charge Against Kentucky

    If Kentucky fans think they are getting Tyler Herro they are going to be disappointed. Other than his uncle I hope no one else is putting those type of expectations on him.
  20. trj

    Brown: Jerry Burns Was Honest, Self Aware

    Yep. I would have assumed he passed away in the early 90's sometime. Didn't realize he and Bud Grant were/are practically the same age.