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    Iowa Baseball's Trenton Wallace Named All-American

    Congrats Trenton!
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    Brody and baseball

    craps on your fingers?
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    OT: NBA Playoffs!

    Lost interest in the NBA some time ago. I couldn't tell you who is good and who isn't.
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    Iowa @ Northwestern Series Thread

    Got to watch just part of it. Great win! Go Hawks!
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    Things seem to be getting interesting in Green Bay

    He was instrumental in getting the previous head coach fired also. He is a HOF player but also a major pain to put up with.
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    Austin Ash

    I got my first chuckle of the day! Easily humored I guess.
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    Iowa vs Indiana Series Thread

    Cannot give up that many runs and expect to win.
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    Things seem to be getting interesting in Green Bay

    Dig deeper! Receivers that left GB have said that Rodgers never accepts any blame.
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    Hawkeyes Continue Hot Pursuit of Kyle Filipowski

    You brought this on all by yourself 56. You can try to cover your ass all you want but your post history tells a different story.
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    Austin Ash

    Also, Carver, from I've heard and read is not much of a draw either. Seating doesn't help!
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    It's rebuild time again.
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    Chauvin Verdict

    I think (hope) you have #1 and #3 mixed up. JMHO.
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    Iowa vs Northwestern LIVE

    Hawks leading 5-4
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    My dad use to say a dog that craps fast don't crap for long. No runs yesterday!
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    CJ Fredrick Expected to Enter Transfer Portal

    While I'm disappointed that CJ is leaving, it's free agency for the players. If some coach or his lackey offers you assorted benefits to leave, most will take it,
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    CJ Fredrick

    For me, the NBA sucks. The college game is rapidly approaching that level. It's not there yet, (for me), but I guess I'm old and cranky! Oh and get off my lawn!
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    Iowa vs Rutgers Series Thread

    come back win! High scoring affair! Go HAWKS!
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    Story: Inside Look at the Iowa Football Advisory Committee Work

    I'll second that! Very impressed indeed!
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    sweep Minney (thankfully), but they are so awful their RPI got worse. Need to keep winning.