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  1. Ian Pike Hammer

    The path to the West Division Championship

    Obviously requires wins over both Wisconsin and Northwestern. When was the last year we beat them both in the same year? Surely it hasn't been that long ago... has it?
  2. Ian Pike Hammer

    New NCAA designation for all sports? [syntax issue]

    We already have a designation for athletes who sit out a year but retain their eligibility for that year [reshirt freshman, which carries over each year: redshirt sophomore, red-shirt junior, etc...] Will the governing body also add a designation for the extra Covid year of eligibility: Covid...
  3. Ian Pike Hammer

    The portal could be the answer Iowa has been waiting for!

    Combine the recent success [and nationwide publicity] the Hawks have had with the portal and I can see where we could land some major talent in the next few years. Many bench players at the blue-blood schools are not waiting a year or two to get on the court and are transferring out. Perhaps...
  4. Ian Pike Hammer

    Expectations for Sandfort and Mulvey?

    What are they? Minutes per game? PPg? Can they play defense?
  5. Ian Pike Hammer

    Is this our year to win the West?

    Convince me.
  6. Ian Pike Hammer

    I'm wondering about CJ

    Plantar Fasciitis can stay with a person for a long time I hear. He seemed to have a better first year than this one. Many players make a good jump in improvement between their sophomore and junior year and we will need him to do that if Wiesy moves on. CJ will probably be our #1 option to score...
  7. Ian Pike Hammer

    Last thoughts before the dance begins

    Concerns, hopes, fears? 1. Hope the Fran contract extension isn't premature. Should have waited until after the 2nd round, IMHO. 2. Concerned that JBo doesn't fall in love with jacking the ball up because it's his last season w/ Iowa. Let the game come to you buddy. Same with Wiesy. Garza=...
  8. Ian Pike Hammer

    How does the NCAA

    determine which officiating crews call individual games?
  9. Ian Pike Hammer

    Drake/ Wichita St.

    Love it! Who ya got?
  10. Ian Pike Hammer

    Transfer portal, 2021

    Auburn's Justin Powell to transfer after injury-shortened freshman hoops season Mar 9, 2021 Jeff BorzelloESPN Staff Writer Facebook Twitter Facebook Messenger Pinterest Email print Auburn freshman Justin Powell is leaving the program, he told ESPN on Tuesday. Powell is expected to enter...
  11. Ian Pike Hammer

    Well we didn't win the BT Championship,

    or even second, but I'm feeling pretty good right now, how 'bout you. Get back to me after this week is over, however.
  12. Ian Pike Hammer

    Name dropping

    In Fran's post-game interview over OSU [after the loss of Jack Nunge], Fran mentioned a name: Kris Murray. Said he needs to be ready now. I blv he'll be getting more minutes now.
  13. Ian Pike Hammer

    B1G scores tonight [3-2-21]

    4 Illinois 76 2 Mich. 53 25 Wisc. 69 23 Purdue 73 Ind. 58 Mich. St. 64 Purdue staying right with us, Wisc. in freefall mode
  14. Ian Pike Hammer

    OK, why the hell...

    is North Dakota State playing S. Illinois in football in February??? What did I miss?
  15. Ian Pike Hammer

    Tentative March Madness info

    March Madness 2021 schedule, NCAA tournament dates, sites, locations Below is the schedule for the 2021 NCAA men's basketball tournament -- known to many as "March Madness" -- which will tip off Thursday, March 18, with First Four games played at Mackey Arena in West Lafayette, Indiana, and...
  16. Ian Pike Hammer

    Drake vs Iowa a possibility!

    1 bracketology has the two teams in the same region, Iowa as the #2 seed and the Bulldogs as a 10 seed. If both were to win their first-round games they could meet. Yeah, there's a lot of time for things to change, just saying it's a possibility. I know we'd all like to see it.
  17. Ian Pike Hammer

    Hey, X. Foster,

    How ya enjoying your stint with the Clowns [0-12 conference, (last place) 2- 15 overall]? You coulda been the next Luka Garza but you chose poorly.
  18. Ian Pike Hammer

    Conner's assist to turn-over ratio this year=

    3.8 - 0.9 (If my info is true) That's off the charts!
  19. Ian Pike Hammer

    Kris Murray

    Rarely gets minutes, 1 or 2 in clean up. What's holding him back? Is he a project? How can he be so far behind his brother?
  20. Ian Pike Hammer

    Whats the path we take to

    finish in the top 4 and get a double-bye in the con f. tourney?