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    Those who bought Flohoops?

    I am trying to decide what to do for tonight's game. If you bought flohoops are you able to watch archived games? I won't be able to watch the games that are during working hours. If I can watch archived games I'll drop the $30 for a month of Flo, otherwise I'll go with BTN+ @ $10. I did find...
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    Video for 12/31 Iowa/Wisky game?

    I had to work during the game but after seeing the result decided to DVR the replay that my guide said was to run at 8 pm that night. I sat down to watch it this morning and was Purdue's Bowl game. Does anyone know where I might be able to watch online? Torrent?
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    FIRE FERUNTS!!111!!11!!!!1

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    Noticed quite a few, if not most out of conference games are on I visited the site today and it looks like this is a pay service. Is this correct?
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    No Live Chat: Come here instead.

    Since there is no monitored chat because Jon is in Iowa City lets have a Non-Monitored one here. Offense looking good so far. A-rob with a real nice cut back. Chaney with a nice reverse that you have all been looking for. McNutt a couple of catches. A FG was a bit of a let down due to that...
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    Hire the Tennessee coach or UCONN

    Barta should definitely go after Gino at UCONN or Summit at Tenn. Both would be GIANT splashes. I can't personally think of two better hires.
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    TV for Minny

    I see that the meet is going to be covered by B10 Network. Just looking for confirmation that it is going to be live and not tape delayed. didn't really tell me one way or the other.
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    Final Ranking?

    I say #6. Unfortunately the lowest of the BCS game winners but I can't see any reason for the polls to put Iowa ahead of any of the winners, and unless the NC game is some sort of absurd blowout the loser of that game finishes ahead of Iowa. Iowa should be behind both the Tex/Bama...