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  1. shonblatt

    No TV for Iowa Clemson?

    That was a pointless delay, and the announcers were wrong about all of that time nonsense. There were 40.1 seconds left at inbound, and 37.2 when the shot was released. 2.9 of the 3.0.second left on the shot clock.
  2. shonblatt

    It sucks the big one, but this disappointing home loss, with everything on the line division wise, sums up this sorry season.

    Nah. There's not REALLY anything on the line when winning gets you to 8-4 and a date against one of two teams that already slaughtered us 6 weeks ago. We dodged another embarrassing loss next week. A west title doesn't mean a whole lot when all the teams have at least 4 losses. Losing to...
  3. shonblatt

    It sucks the big one, but this disappointing home loss, with everything on the line division wise, sums up this sorry season.

    If DeJean plays the whole game, we win. It's really that simple. His replacement got burned twice for TDs. That should have been a close game where our D took over late and we won by 7. Them's the breaks.
  4. shonblatt

    Iowa Can Still Win The West!

    Iowa and Purdue win out, and tie for the west crown at 6-3. Iowa has the tiebreaker. IL and MN split the last two and finish 5-4.
  5. shonblatt

    The Brohm Has Iowa's Number Game Thread

    That wasn't a cute call, it was a jet sweep blown up by Johnson being in the wrong place.
  6. shonblatt

    KF Regrets Last Week's Comments About Deuce Hogan

    Don't most sport parents believe their kid should be starting? I figure this allows them to save face a little bit, who wants to admit they aren't good enough to play ahead of below average starters? I've rooted for the kid since day one because, well - mostly because he has an awesome name, and...
  7. shonblatt

    Anyone hearing Brian Ferentz to Oklahoma as OC rumors?

    Brian knows that he's unpopular and that he's mostly handcuffed by his dad's schemes. Leaving for a place they recruit better athletes would be tempting. Get out of his dad's shadow, see what he can do. Fail and he could go be an OL coach somewhere or back to the NFL. Then Kirk can promote KOK...
  8. shonblatt

    Tyrone Tracy Out

    I liked his game and by all accounts I heard he was a great locker room guy. Apparently not enough catches to go around in this offense. Can't say I blame him, watch him go blow up somewhere good next year. I wish him well.
  9. shonblatt

    Just beat those freaking cats game thread

    Apparently a decisive QB who goes through the read progression and gets the ball out on time is all we were missing. A competent passing game opens up the running game.
  10. shonblatt

    Badgers, Badgers, Mushroom, Snake and only the West Title is on the line official game thread

    Will We've got talent at those positions, but the coaches don't know how to get them the ball in space.
  11. shonblatt

    Badgers, Badgers, Mushroom, Snake and only the West Title is on the line official game thread

    Could we finish 6-6? It's like the offense is a complete afterthought. Kirk's philosophy seems to good D, get turnovers, win the field position game, and then offense should be able to do just enough to win. Except when none of that works, you look like a lost, clueless team.
  12. shonblatt

    ***Iowa vs Purdue Game thread***

    Well, it was fun for 6 weeks, now it's back to reality. I hope after the week off we can get some of that fire back in Madison.
  13. shonblatt

    ***Iowa vs Purdue Game thread***

    Definition of a letdown game. Iowa certainly isn't #2, but they aren't as shit as they look today, either. Purdue has it's issues but they know how to effectively move the ball against this zone defense.
  14. shonblatt

    Mid-Season All-Americans - who ya got?

    Who makes this list? Tory Taylor? Tyler Linderbaum? Jack Campbell? The entire secondary?
  15. shonblatt

    Do Not Rush The Field

    Pure jubilation. Who gives a shit what anyone thinks? Are we just supposed to calmly file out of the stadium after one of the biggest home wins in school history? Plus....traffic sucks after games, why not hang out after for awhile and have some fun until it clears?
  16. shonblatt

    Alabama down 14 to A&M

    Georgia will be #1, but will we get any votes for #1…?
  17. shonblatt

    Penn state vs Hawkeye

    Hankins should have batted down that 4th down pass at the end, instead of intercepting it, would have saved some drama at the end.
  18. shonblatt

    Penn state vs Hawkeye

    This might be an unpopular opinion, but I think Gus Johnson is a terrible play-by-play guy. He messes up constantly. Mispronouncing names, incorrect yardage, ignoring obvious stuff that happens on the field. I laughed when he called a Penn State player Brody Brecht and then blamed his eyesight .
  19. shonblatt

    Fran needs to go after Yesutu

    Andrew Fleming? He transferred to Lipscomb, played 3 seasons there, and graduated last year.
  20. shonblatt

    Kenny the Jet said it best....

    It's not the scheme, it's the personnel. Zone or man, this year's starters lacked the athleticism to compete against the elite. Looking forward to next year's lineup of Nunge at C, the Murrays and P Mac at F, and a backcourt of Joe T, CJ, and Ulis looks to be a much more athletic team capable of...