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  1. ForeverHawk

    Clark may set another record

    At least half of those are because the other players cannot handle her passes that are right on the money in most cases. But, it is what it is.
  2. ForeverHawk

    Matt Cross to SMU

    You can direct where your money goes when you donate to the swarm. Have you been doing that?
  3. ForeverHawk

    How long until Beth takes decisive action

    Floundering at the bottom, of what, the conference, the nation? Fran has more conference wins than any other coach in the conference over the last 6 seasons. He’s developed all Americans and NBA players. Yes it hasn’t translated into much success in the tournament, but floundering at the...
  4. ForeverHawk

    PMac Commits to Butler

    Not a shock there!
  5. ForeverHawk

    Payton Sandfort Going Through NBA Draft Process

    It’s definitely an option, but leaving Iowa for another college team with his brother here is probably very unlikely.
  6. ForeverHawk

    Payton Sandfort Going Through NBA Draft Process

    Why would he go in the portal when he could come back and play with his brother at Iowa?
  7. ForeverHawk

    Rumor floating around on Devries

    He’s heading to West Virginia
  8. ForeverHawk


    They only care about wins.
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    There’s a decent chance any of us could have QB’d iowa to two wins in the last two games. Take snap, turn around, hand off. Easy peasy!
  10. ForeverHawk

    Who is signing up for Peacock to watch our heated rivalry game?

    I already have peacock, and YouTube TV, and Paramount +, and Netflix and Hulu bundle and HBO Max and prime video. And it’s still far cheaper than my Directv satellite monthly was. So I guess yes is the answer to peacock.
  11. ForeverHawk

    Tadjo a Hawk

    I think he’s a 6’8 PF from what I am seeing.
  12. ForeverHawk

    What makes Iowa offense so predictable?

    I think ultimately Kirk is the problem as he has total control over play calls and the conservative offense. He has throttled every OC he has ever had on his staff.
  13. ForeverHawk

    If it's on Twitter it must be true right?!

    If this is all true, hopefully the McCafferys have an umbrella policy that is in place for this exact scenario. If so, any settlement will be paid out by an insurance company.
  14. ForeverHawk

    Clark could Play for the Men's Team

    She would not be effective on the men's team as great as she is.
  15. ForeverHawk

    Make your last minute Iowa seeding predictions

    8/9 Kansas Midwest region.
  16. ForeverHawk

    Told ya So

    And for next year’s team to be decimated by transfers. That would be great!
  17. ForeverHawk

    This Is Going To Be A Wild And Crazy Week

    Iowa has a great shot at the #2 seed with a win over Nebby. I think Michigan losses one of two.
  18. ForeverHawk

    FILM ROOM: Erick All

    Will All and McNamara participate in spring ball or are both still injured?
  19. ForeverHawk

    Takeaways: No. 1 Purdue Bests Hawkeyes

    24 by Kris on the road at #1 Purdue is nothing to sneeze at!
  20. ForeverHawk

    The bigger they are the harder they fall....Iowa vs Purdue official game thread

    Iowa didn’t beat Purdue at Purdue last year. Although they did make a big comeback. I know because I was there sitting next to the Purdue student section in the rafters. I was on my way to the Big 10 Championship football game. It was a rough two days, lol!