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  1. ColoradoHAWKEYE

    Fun Obscure Season Predictions Thread

    Nice to see that I can "sneak" away for over 6 months and return to see that things are still essentially the same around here, albeit with some new names....and I mean that... I think. I predict the Hawks kicking game will cost us at least 1 major victory that we could have won...and our...
  2. ColoradoHAWKEYE

    College Football Survival Pool

    Week #1...Ohio University Bobcats
  3. ColoradoHAWKEYE

    Predict Iowa's final ranking

    9-13 ...same range for 2016 preseason.
  4. ColoradoHAWKEYE

    OL shakeup...why?

    Not bashing on coaches....however, I highly question our run co-ordinator and O-line coaching decisions....the OP points out a key thing, that we also questioned, and believe maybe one of many reasons why our team had no real team cohesion.
  5. ColoradoHAWKEYE

    LA Times Article on Resurrgence of Kirk Ferentz

    Getting respect and positive nat'l spotlight on our program never hurts...For all our moaning as fans the past few years, KF deserves the accolades that come with the changes he championed. Never sux to be written up in the LA Times either.
  6. ColoradoHAWKEYE

    Rose Bowl Prediction Thread

    I just hope we show up, and play respectable. I think Stanford will get a special team play to give them a score or short field score, and they burn us for a TD, and a couple of stalled out field goal drives, getting them 20. I think we score 2 TDs on big plays and one on a short field drive...
  7. ColoradoHAWKEYE

    Article by Jake Rudock on his journey

    Good article...I'd wish him well if I knew him or ran into him...He was a Hawkeye, and he gave his best at the time....However, I am glad the move was made. It worked out well for all involved. As much as I hate Mishitagain, I'll be rooting for them and JR tomorrow.
  8. ColoradoHAWKEYE

    Time to get rid of replay

    I think the simple answer is to use technology. Microchip in the ball ( heck put a little camera in it too for poops and giggles, but I digress), whole field and end zones have sensors, goal post have sensors, yada, yada, more arguments about in or out...possession and penalties is...
  9. ColoradoHAWKEYE

    Oklahoma a Fraud

    Msu...just rolled over and gave up after first score in 2nd half...embarrassing...think we would have done slightly better, but glad it is not us getting torn a new one!
  10. ColoradoHAWKEYE

    Holiday Bowl reffing...

    It seemed they certainly missed some, maybe more then some, both calls and ball spots. But the early whistle on the long run was horrendous...if you're a ref and you're not sure in that situation, you need to let the play run out...if the player went ob, that's what the review is for.
  11. ColoradoHAWKEYE

    Army-Navy Game

    Very good game today...the series between those two is always fun to watch the emotion from both teams throughout. It seemed today's win for Navy was even more so emotional. Watching the veer option reminds me of the old Air Force days when they used to be so good with the triple option. Cool...
  12. ColoradoHAWKEYE

    What is the most you have actually seen people pay?

    As spider and others have said...the Rose Bowl is much more than a one 3 hour football game deal, especially when you live in the Midwest and it's winter...there are so many activities and things to do with the university and the RB, plus the hundreds of places to see and things to do outside of...
  13. ColoradoHAWKEYE

    Desmond King

    Lloyd's of London says hello
  14. ColoradoHAWKEYE

    Would you want Iowa in a bowl at 5-7? fact I agree with Xerxes, I don't think I would be that up for it at 6-6 either....I'd watch if they went, but wouldn't be all "get out the tailgate gear mama, it's game day"! Only circumstance I see where it helps is what holihawk said above about rewarding a young improving team...
  15. ColoradoHAWKEYE

    Fans salute the Hawkeyes

    Yeah, I saw that as well yesterday....agree, it is a bit better on you get all the comments of people weighing in, which was (interesting!?). I salute you and all the others that made the trip there and represented the Iowa fan base so well...and this send off by everyone seemed...
  16. ColoradoHAWKEYE

    Kudos to the selection committee AND Alvarez??

    Who determines the final national poll? CFP committee, or do they revert to AP/coaches? Reason being, if it is CFP, as they did in this poll by not dropping the teams that lost in their conference championships, I believe they also will not drop the 4 teams that clinched the playoff spots...
  17. ColoradoHAWKEYE

    You youngsters who don't think the Rose Bowl is a big deal

    And it would get you much closer to the on field action....'cause if there's one negative about the Rose Bowl, it's that the seats and rows go back further than they go up. You are not close to the field anywhere, and the tops of the endzone bowl are a horrendous view of the field....the exits...
  18. ColoradoHAWKEYE

    This year the Rose Bowl what would you consider it to the basketball equivalent

    I'd say like the NCAA final four consolation game they used to play. You are out of the running to be the Natty champion, but you are still playing in a high visible game for a superior ranking, playing a worthy opponent, and you get to possibly go out of the season as a winner!