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    It feels over...

    Best situation is they both go. Clean house.
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    Ferentz's post game presser

    A putrid product on the field. Lack of talent and spectacular lack of coaching, not just prep, but situationly world class fail
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    Ferentz' postgame quote on CJ

    Exactly right. KF thinks he's the smartest guy in the room soley on his longevity at his current position (Gary Barta fans chime in here). He was proven wrong today and he.let that leak into his post game comments, despite the win.
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    Defensive Second Half

    The entire team perked up when CJ was put into the game. The team understands who the best QB is to give them the best opportunity to win. This was obvious in the 2nd half. We did take more chances blitzing in the 2nd half, which resulted in some hurries.
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    So This Is Competent Offense?

    I should think your thumbs down total would deter you from making your last post. But, you're probably the guy in the left lane driving slowly in front of me. Two lanes and you can't figure it out.
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    sometimes the fans DO know better than the coaches

    CJ does sell it better as he doesn't over emphasize it like JR. But, we still continue to call a PA pass on 2nd down after a short gain on 1st down. Open it up. PA on 1st down. Get the DBs thinking about it, then the run game opens up. Remember Hayden's "scratch where it itches?" Why do we...
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    Innovation for run game?

    How 'bout we keep CJ in and we pass to set up the run? Could open up all kinds of opportunities. Remember Drew Tate?
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    What if Powell catches JR's pass?

    The drive stalls and KF plays the percentages and kicks the FG.
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    Key to Pitt loss... coaching mistake

    Exactly. It's good for the coach. Not necessarily the team. It's not always prudent to play the percentages.
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    What are our D-backs doing? stupid

    I thought the DBs did OK today. They came up big late in the game. The LB play continues to be a concern. They are late and over commit. I'm guessing they will continue to get better.
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    Key to Pitt loss... coaching mistake

    'Cause you've seen the downside many times before.
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    sometimes the fans DO know better than the coaches

    Stubborness is stubborness. If you act like and talk like the smartest guy in the room, you had better be. Today KF got exposed. Again.
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    Beatherd caused one or two timeouts

    Jon is right that clock management did not improve, but this is a KF hallmark. Plays continue to come in slow and this puts pressure on the QB. CJ just saw it early and called a TO. You can't argue results and CJ produced.
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    After the hysteria passes - take a deep breath

    SSorry about that, still trying to figure this out from my phone.Lots of talk about coaching or lack thereof. Something to consider.We have a defensive scheme that attempts to keep everything in front of us, presumably relying on the percentages that the opposing offense will make a mistake or...
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    Kicking Game Worries No One Talking About It????

    Maybe we'll have the opportunity to go for it on fourth down and win a few more close games.
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    Can Mizzou and A&M continue with their disruption of the SEC?

    The original post was to point out that most of the SEC is regularly beatable, even by spread Big 12 teams. You don't need smash mouth studs to end up in the championship game with a chance to win it.
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    Should Tiger Woods be a Tom Watson Ryd edrs Cup captain's pick?

    I think Tom's decision is a lot easier since my initial post. Tiger will sit this one out.
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    Is Tiger Woods washed up now or is it a slow death?

    Well, I snuck back to the nurse's station to make this post. Bottom line is he is struggling mentally and physically since the PGA told him to clean up his act. Also, I agree he needs to go back to Butch. Sean Foley has not been beneficial for him, just read Sean's monthly contributions to...
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    Can Mizzou and A&M continue with their disruption of the SEC?

    The most feared conference in the land has been dominated by some Big 12 upstarts (well...except the SEC elite teams.) How good can the SEC really be top to bottom with these two teams winning so many games?