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    NCAA Tourney Thread

    UCLA should have won it at the end of regulation
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    The Official Duck Hunt your way to the Sweet 16 Game thread

    STFU. It’s easy to bust somebody’s chops when the Hawks are down by 12.
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    The Official Duck Hunt your way to the Sweet 16 Game thread

    Without Garza we would be losing by 20. Everyone else better step it up in the second half.
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    Clowns have their man

    With the recruiting class that Nebraska has coming in, I think that Fred will be doing well 1-2 years from now, at which point Nebby will either secure him with a lucrative extension or some other team will lure him away.
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    Drunk . . . Delete
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    Lunardi sees us losing in second round game to Ducks

    At least Lunardi got a few more clicks. PAC 12 sucks. I wouldn't be surprised to see VCU beat Oregon in the first round.
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    Bad draw

    ...and you are always right 50% of the time, so there's that.
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    All-Century Hawkeye Basketball Team

    This is from the archives (six years ago). Sir Jamalot has led an amazing life, but I am not sure if he would make the cut for the "All Century" team. My selections would have to start with...
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    We're gouda crumble the cheeseheads and give the nutbuster Davison a game to remember Game Thread...

    He will be OK. He just rolled it. He’s done for today, though.
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    Is the goal post moving again for NCAA tourney expectations?

    I will just take whatever comes. I have been a Hawkeye fan for way too long to let any single loss crush me, because it has way too many times in both basketball and football. I will be upset if they lose the first week, but more disappointed for the players because I know they have real...
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    Deuce Hogan...

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    Fans Permitted at Men's, Women's B1G Tournament

    It doesn't seem the most logical thing to do, now does it? Edit: I just read the article attached and discovered that the men's tourney is at Lucas Oil Stadium, so fans will still be spread out quite a bit.
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    Keep the pedal to the metal.

    Yes, and Perkins, Ulis, Kris, Ogundele, and Baer get at least 10 each.
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    The Hawks wore Gold.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
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    Another Thing I Liked About OSU Game

    I agree. It is nice to see Ulis, Perkins, Josh, Kris Murray, et al in there, but they don't have enough experience of being in a big game to override the thrill/pressure of getting their chances at this point.
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    The Hawks wore Gold.

    Just for God's sake try to keep it under six minutes.
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    Iowa Basketball Checks in at No. 5 in Latest AP Poll

    Win out, including the B1G tourney. Even if Michigan still gets a 1 seed, it would be hard to argue against the Hawks at that point. I would just hope that IF it came down to it that we played the Zags or Michigan again to reach the NC (not play Baylor).
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    To be the man, you got to beat the man. Wooo!!! Official Ohio St game thread.

    No, Iowa is just playing well so far.
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    To be the man, you got to beat the man. Wooo!!! Official Ohio St game thread.

    Don’t foul there Connor. Just make the shot.
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    OT: Tiger seriously injured in car accident, leg injuries reported

    I also hope he is OK. I never had a problem with Tiger and his rantings, although in hindsight he probably took his mob of fans for granted. As phenomenal of a talent as he was in his prime, having an entire gallery rooting for you couldn't have hurt. How would you have liked to make the...