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    Visconsin Vadgers (Changing This Into a Game Thread). It Fits.

    Vuck 'em.....
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    ***Official Phonetics 101 "Is It CO Burn or COCK Burn?" Game Thread***

    Once again, GO HAWKEYES!
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    Indiana Coach Talks Up Garza and Hawkeyes in Gazette Article

    A lot of respect here from Archie Miller....
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    #15 Texas Tech Beat #4 Texas Last Night

    It was a pretty entertaining game as TT kept whittling away at a 10 point Texas halftime lead. TT Guard Kevin McCullar hit a nice (almost three point) shot near the end to give TT a two point lead and ended up being the game winner. TT hosts #2 Baylor on Saturday. A TT win could open the door...
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    Wisky at Michigan...Who Ya Got?,Michigan%20%2D170%3B%20Wisconsin%20%2B140 Michigan favored by 3.5. I hate to type it, but I am...
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    ***Week Six B1G Pick 'em Thread***

    I was working on this before I saw Fryowa was back (YAY!), so I thought I would go ahead and post it. It looks like there are only six of us left, at least those who submitted picks last week. I will have to try to do a cumulative update to see where this stands, but I still don't know...
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    ***Week Five B1G Pick 'Em Thread***

    Sorry for the delay... Mark your picks to win, and who you think gets the first penalty of each game. Maryland @ Michigan State is CANCELLED Picks to Win: Purdue @ Minnesota Illinois @ Nebraska Indiana @ Ohio State Wisconsin @ Northwestern Iowa @ Penn State Michigan @ Rutgers First...
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    ***Week Four B1G Pick 'Em Thread***

    First and foremost, hurry back Fryowa. We all are hoping for the best for you and your family. Mark your picks to win, and who you think gets the first penalty of each game. OSU @ Maryland is CANCELLED Picks to Win: Iowa @ Minnesota Indiana @ Michigan State Penn State @ Nebraska Illinois @...
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    ***Week Three B1G Pick 'Em Thread***

    I know that Fryowa is busy with more important matters, but I did not want to let this thing die. I do not have access to the Google Excel sheet, or I would have updated results. We will have to wait for Fryowa to get back into his groove to get those. Also, I do not know how he gets the...
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    This is pretty funny. Iowa is not represented, but still funny.
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    Pat Hardy Article On Iowa Recruiting

    I was looking for info on Willie Guy and came across this article from 4-5 years ago. It has probably been posted before, but I had not seen it and thought it was an interesting read. Enjoy.
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    2020 Season Tickets

    Just in case anyone is interested ... :rolleyes:
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    You Gotta Like this ISU Fan

    There has been a lot of bashing back and forth after the game, but this is a great story. Props to this young man.
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    Real Grass?

    I went to Duane Banks Field last summer for the first time because my son was fortunate enough to play a 12U game there. I was impressed by the stadium and the experience as a whole, but I wondered why the field was not real grass and dirt. Is this something that is cost prohibitive in terms...
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    How annoying.
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    Black and Gold Colored Glasses

    Last week's loss in Kinnick was a real gut punch and I know that it puts Iowa in the back seat as far as B1G West goes, but I was thinking that all is not lost and there is still hope to win the West. Hear me out... Wisky lost to BYU the week before playing Iowa. BYU is no slouch, but had...
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    Ferentz is 8-9 Overall, 2-8 On The Road...

    ...following a bye week. Let that sink in a little bit. Thanks coach. At least you are consistent.
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    Almost 40 years

    For almost 40 years I have been a die hard Iowa Hawkeye (football) fan. My first game in Kinnick was Hayden's first game, a loss to a Corso led Indiana team...but I was hooked. Huge accomplishments including the 1981 season, making an appearance in the Rose Bowl for the first time in over 40...
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    Ranking college football’s 11 remaining undefeated teams

    Pretty good article here, but I really got a chuckle from the comments regarding West Virginia: 9. West Virginia Dominated Texas Tech, 48-17, which would mean a lot if dominating TTU — a team that allowed eight TDs to a single player in a game this season — meant anything. The Mountaineers...