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    Preview, Prediction: Iowa-Ohio State

    Hawks by a Million!
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    3 Hawkeyes in the top 50 in Evan Miya's top 500 players

    After reading this and seeing that Perkins is like 186 or close and Connor is 49 tells me this metric is pretty well garbage.
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    Most Disappointing Teams So far

    Campbell will be long gone before ISU ever gets to the point were they have to fire him. Thats a goddamn guarantee.
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    Nebraska at Rutgers -needs a thread

    After watching the game last night while Nebraska is still not good it showed that they definelty had a Scott Frost problem. It really showed holy shit was he a terrible coach. The way that coach exacuted that last 5 mintues was pure pefection.
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    Any of you older dudes seen Democrats this pissed off since

    The new fear tactic the right is using is they want to cancel halloween because they think drug dealers are going to give away fentanyl to kids. Yeah there are going to give away a drug they can make thousands of dollars on. And why the hell are you taking your kid to a shaddy drug dealer house...
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    Any of you older dudes seen Democrats this pissed off since

    Not one thing I said isnt the truth. I know truth is not you people thing. I feel sorry for all the people that have been brainwashed into thinking other people are brainwashed.
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    Any of you older dudes seen Democrats this pissed off since

    Been more drugs and Immigrants apprehended at the border in the last 2 years then any 2 year span thats not open borders thats secure. Another question if you people are so against your lie of open borders then why did every republican vote against more secruity at the border oh thats right if...
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    Any of you older dudes seen Democrats this pissed off since

    We agree absolutely that both guys are to old to be president.
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    Sill must see TV?

    Have watched every game since i could watch every game and im 40
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    Any of you older dudes seen Democrats this pissed off since

    I just couldnt say nothing. Point A been that way for 80 years. Nice Try Point B were not even close to a stock market collapse but we did in 2019 Point C we have stronger Border Secruity now then ever before and its not even close. Point D. US has the cheapest gas in the entire world...
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    Preview, Prediction: Iowa-Michigan Football

    Didnt you pick them to win because then your best bet would be Iowa ML. That would be a better pay out.
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    HC Openings 2022

    IDK if your just being hopeful or what but Brian isnt going anywhere as long as Daddy is around so just give it up. What makes you think in any world that a high profile job would even want to interview him he has no qualifications to be a high major school coach. You just sound dumb by making...
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    Apparently Rutgers Likes to Blitz.

    you run alot of screen plays to counter well see if that happens.
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    So either your blind or naive to not see the ball coming out and he isnt across the goalline either you can see that on tv. so which is it. When you piece the tv and this picture together hes clearly short.
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    The so called touchdown ruled a fumble was actually a fumble theres a picture of it somewhere out there. He was losing the ball before it crossed the goalline.
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    Scott Frost

    well since Lovie is not the coach at Illinois anymore did Lovie even make it 5 years. Lovie is the coach of the Houston Texans now.
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    2022 College Football Survival Pool

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    Does Kirk really value ball security?

    This is Gold!
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    2022 College Football Survival Pool

    Michigan State
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    New 2-Deep Released, Ragaini Not Listed

    GO HAWKS!!!!