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    Alone in 1st in the West

    Defense averages 25 points a game, and they give BF bonus to PP
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    Iowa - Northwestern Game Thread

    Hasn’t stopped them so far…
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    Bright Sides…

    And Nebraska
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    Sucks, but finally found out I don't really care

    This right here, especially how a lot of folk say the B12 is so inferior to the BIG.
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    Petras is not good but

    See you next Sat.
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    ***Official Fat Pitsgerald Breaks His Other Leg and the Hawkeyes Eat Mildcat For Supper Game Thread***

    Ill give you credit for sticking to your guns. We'll never know, but i have a feeling your tune would be different if the Hawks were competing for a championship this year.
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    Over reaction: Purdue

    Didn't the team have the same amount of practice? I know teams like Ohio State never stopped
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    Another in a long line of mediocre QB

    No eligibility lost, this year literally is a mulligan
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    Or really impressive defense
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    Clowns Vs. Joke-lahoma

    Pretty solid win by the clones.
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    Additional Year of Eligibility....

    A nephew was called the other day and asked to come back next year without scholarship. They're predicting no football season, therefore they dont think theyll have the money for scholly
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    Boiler them up Hawks...Game thread.

    Last second bucket. This one has been over for a while
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    I don't ever want to hear Clown fans

    I dont think it has anything to do with Steve Prohm, but more that isu has, what, 5-6?players currently in the nba. All of which are within the last 5 years.
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    I don't ever want to hear Clown fans

    No, they're in the same boat as we were a few years ago. Too much money on the table for Prohm. Hell be there at least this year and next. Its nice to be on the other side of things
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    Game Notes from USC

    I totally expect Iowa to destory them in total KF fashion. 13-3 Iowa
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    Where have you read words like this before? Ummm

    He was offsides!!!!
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    Notre Dame vs the Ames High Cyclones Camping Bowl

    After some of the talks around here, alot of our fans agree. It was CFP or bust.