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    Press Conference

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    Press Conference

    Thought I read there is a Press Conference today. Anyone know what time?
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    AJ Epenesa Game Film and Interview from September

    Seems like a humble kid who won't let his status exceed his work ethic. He has potential to be a very special player. Thing that can't be understated is his hands and how he appears to use them so well already without the college coaching.
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    Matt Bowen

    Correction, I know the guy who says he is gamefilm and funny enough he looks oddly close to that Dr. Pepper guy.
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    Matt Bowen

    I know gamefilm and it is not Matt Bowen.
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    The 'is Uhtoff best hawkeye ever' article

    Most complete player, likely. He has a bigger affect on defense than offense and for a guy averaging over 18 points that says a lot. I remember players better on each side of the ball, like Woolridge offensively and Earl defensively, but no one as all around. I preface this by saying my earliest...
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    Marquette win looking really good for Iowa!

    Unfortunately as a Hawkeye fan I have been conditioned to not hope for blowouts and just wins. Seems like no matter how good the team, in basketball or football, they play at the level of competition repeatedly. They are just as likely to beat a cellar team by 5 as they are a top ten team. Lots...
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    Hawkeyes No. 23 in Coaches Poll

    Well that's a different story, he was a big cog in that machine.
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    Hawkeyes No. 23 in Coaches Poll

    Not to play the downer but Gonzaga did kick our *** last year and still has their 3 monsters inside. I won't argue with being below them, hopefully we pass them eventually. I see point on Butler though.
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    I never heard

    TV from press box side showed Stanford side, not Iowa side which was shaded whole game. I think we had 2/3 of the place so guessing 62,845. Was great in and outside of stadium, only problem with LA is it is so spread out that the mass groups didn't take over all the bars, restaurants, etc like...
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    4-Star '17 Bama LB w/ Iowa Ties High on Hawks

    Can always hope but not the type of player we should expect to have a shot with. 4-star from Bama with an Auburn offer already.
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    Daniels is a bulldozer in the run game, problem was his pass blocking. If he has developed that portion of his game I say find a way to get the man on the field.
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    Stripe the rose bowl???

    I think with one joint message either could work, with this mixed message neither will work. Either way I wear gold in section 15. I just hope we own a VAST majority of the crowd, hoping for 60k.
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    Was IU Jobbed??

    This ineptitude is getting old when it seems like an easy tech fix could be conceived. See it multiple times a year.
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    Sold, to a Hawkeye fan
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    I inadvertently typed with CAPS on
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    Not a joke, would meet at my work in Grinnell. Would be a dumb idea for a scammer to do that.
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    I HAVE 4 EXTRA Rose bowl TICKETS, message if interested.
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    39,500 applied for 22,000 tickets

    Correct, this is what the ticket office replied when I asked them exactly that.
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    Things I think I know about this team 2.6.15

    Very well said