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    Epenesa- Combine

    Crap. Someone needs to tell all the Iowa fans who went ape shit over Wirfs numbers this.
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    Miller's Goodbye/Thank You Podcast Series Season 1

    Really? You could literally watch Apocalypse Now Redux in the time he does his first THREE final podcasts. Great dude. But wow, the delusion of grandeur here.
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    What were the refs discussing after the field goal?

    Anyone notice that one ref kept running up to Nate pre snap several times and then run off, at end of 4th quarter? I thought that was strange. What the hell was he doing?
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    Jon Miller?

    Wow. Who cares what people tweet! How does that bother anyone?
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    Meltdown will begin if............

    9-3 I'm happy. 8-4 I'm not.
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    No link to recap podcast?

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    No link to recap podcast?

    Am I the only one who can't get the new podcast?
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    Brian/Nate's Objective Performance

    Brass tacks, Fryowa. I like it. No way I'm reading through 10 pages of many people trying to make that shit sound better than it really is.
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    !*****Official Purple Kitty Game Thread*****!

    The very reasons TO go for it.
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    A Perfect Storm

    Can we quit saying this? Iowa was never at the level Wisc is right now for as long as they have been.
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    Dump the Des Moines Register!!!

    “It was disclosed that it will go in his record for the rest of his life that he is a sex offender,” she said. No way. Just no way. I don't believe this kinda shit anymore. The purpose of this is simply to piss people off, and I'm not falling for it anymore.
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    Tyler Cook With The All-Time Greatest Twitter Post

    Haha wait what? He's wearing his JERSEY?!
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    Keith Duncan MVP

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    Clowns now unranked and....

    ^^ Exactly. The only people who care are those in Iowa, or random game watches around the country.
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    Gameday in Ames. It’s official

    Anyone listen to latest podcast? Anyone know what Deace was alluding to about ESPNs Shelley Smith in Ames in 2002?
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    Gameday in Ames. It’s official

    Is Iowa State even that good?
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    IowaLaw's Objective 2019 Season Preview

    That's a pretty good rundown, actually.
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    Howe: Five Breakout Players for Hawkeyes in ’19

    Man, if you're Nate Wieting, wouldn't you just love all this talk about how is Iowa going to replace two 1st round TEs? Think about how fired up that makes him? What a great opportunity.
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    Is there cause for concern?

    I retract my previous optimism for Nate. Question now is - what will it take for KF to bench him?