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  1. nilekinnick

    Friday night game at UCLA

    So I should scalp at game time vs the $116 ticket price I see on U of Iowa site
  2. nilekinnick

    Early Odds

    Unfortunately, I see the Big 10 wanting Michigan to dominate and justify a #1 playoff ranking and possibly pulling OSU into the #4 playoff spot. Conf wants to see a Big 10 team win it all. The cards are stacked against us in my opinion.
  3. nilekinnick

    Of the pass plays, what % should be getting off in 2.5 seconds or less.

    See this mentioned often in NFL games, really would like to see passing plays get the ball out of the hand very quickly, QB needs to have good feel of what D is presenting, especially 3rd n long it has to be let go quickly, can still run slants and short fly patterns, doesn't mean you are...
  4. nilekinnick

    Away football tickets email

    Under My Account > order forms. No option to request NW game
  5. nilekinnick

    Away football tickets email

    Got the email that away tickets can be ordered on May 25th. But clicking the link never shows any tickets can be ordered yet. Biggest bummer is the "low end" I-club contributors cannot even request tickets at Wrigley Field for Northwestern game. At least they will allow me to request 2 Iowa...
  6. nilekinnick

    A fun look at B1G FB helmets throughout the years

    Sometime between 79 and today, I think the tigerhawk emblem looks larger today than during the Fry days.
  7. nilekinnick

    Who’s Going To Wrigley?

    searching hotels last night were either sold out or plus $300 a night anywhere. worst case I train it home to North Aurora
  8. nilekinnick

    What do y'all think about Brian's pay cut and ultimatum announced publicly today?

    Guess if we are leading at end of the game, no more kneeling on the ball, may need those few extra cheap TD's
  9. nilekinnick

    An Open Letter from Gary Barta

    I received as well, not sure of the distribution list, I am a football season ticket holder. But when I read that OSU and other athletic depts allow access to their season ticket holders email, I have no issue if Iowa does the same. Is a fine line but cannot be half pregnant. If the Iowaswarm...
  10. nilekinnick

    What should/could NCAA do to regain control?

    not sure the tax laws, 1. I expect players need to report nil money as taxable income (better than under the table cash) 2. I don't think contributions to nil collectives are tax deductable 3. perhaps donations to universities are? or should be tax deductible to make it more enticing where...
  11. nilekinnick

    In Layman terms - how does NIL get offered to players in portal

    Listed to the WAW, one topic not touched is the donors contributing to iowa swarm are most likely same ones contributing to the U athletic dept or to the U itself, only so many dollars to go around.
  12. nilekinnick

    In Layman terms - how does NIL get offered to players in portal

    I listened this morning, was good but all alot of grey areas. Said ncaa has no authority on these clubs, more risk of irs audit. Need to find all the super rich Iowa Alumni
  13. nilekinnick

    In Layman terms - how does NIL get offered to players in portal

    My understanding is the school is not giving money directly but these clubs / associations. The school only giving the scholarship. I would not think these clubs could contact portal players directly. Seems like a big back door by mixing the portal & nil. Like the Nick Nolte movie Blue...
  14. nilekinnick

    Jestin Jacobs in the portal

    a rumor no more
  15. nilekinnick

    Unranked Iowa In the Big 10 Championship?

    #21 in Sagarin
  16. nilekinnick


    unless someone posted earlier, curious what nil money Oregon hinted he could get, not sure what he thinks he can get from Iowa
  17. nilekinnick

    Big Ten Finalized The New Media Deal--$7 Billion

    what is the expected net increase $$$ for Iowa over existing
  18. nilekinnick

    Stadium Capacities

    we buy the seatback at Kinnick partially to "lock" our space, see some larger fans but haven't had to deal with that in recent years next to us
  19. nilekinnick

    Any word on Moss?

    Watching the replay, I didn't see him jump or body bump anybody. Glad to hear is minor, Roberts will be fine, hopefully back by Wisc
  20. nilekinnick

    Which Ferentz QB if drive needed to win the game

    Which Ferentz QB if drive needed to win the game