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    Article...The End is near for Ferentz

    We need to cut the Barta head off this snake first.
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    Still happening after over a year, which is why I don't post much. Anyone know how I can fix this so I can post for the upcoming football season?
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    Gary Barta receives contract extension and raise

    Remind me again what Iowa's Big 10 championship draught was before the Women's basketball team?
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    Bohannon surgery -might miss season

    If JoBo misses next year, can someone make the case as to how this team isn't in trouble?
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    Sorry to the haters but that was great coaching!!

    Coming back was good coaching mixed with Tenn choking. Being down 25 and your team looking clueless to start OT is not great coaching.
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    Iowa vs Tennessee Tip is 11:10am Sunday

    Cook was rough with those missed FTs, but Moss hero ball to start OT is what really did us in.
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    Iowa vs Tennessee Tip is 11:10am Sunday

    Tyler Cook hurts this team. Change my mind.
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    Fran's Raise

    Just terrible. No hate on Fran, get paid dude. But whomever signed off on this contract from the school’s side should be termed.
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    Iowa vs Illinois game thread

    Cook does 1 great things then 5 bad things. Every game.
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    Iowa vs Illinois game thread

    Are there really no Iowa boosters willing to drop a 50k bag for a real point guard?
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    Is there really no support for this site?
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    Fellow Forum Posters

    You act like it was some destiny shit and there’s nothing Iowa could have done. How about not having CMC on the floor in crutch time? What about a timeout at the end of OT to draw up a play? Switch defenders on Watson? The whole “that’s basketball” ideology is garbage.
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    Play in game?

    Thursday/Friday is the 1st round of the tournament. Not the 2nd. The first four is to get yourself into the 1st round. They are play in games.
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    Bash the badgers game thread

    He doesn’t have to answer for anything. He has a gutless boss and gets to put his kids through school for free while fleecing the school for millions. No one has it bette t
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    Bash the badgers game thread

    I don’t even care if we win. More than anything I just want to see effort and something resembling our offense from a month ago.
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    Bash the badgers game thread

    Okay JoBo, just shoot
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    Now is when the Fran losers disappear until next season

    Another thing worth noting is that after this year, 3 of the 5 teams you’re comparing Iowa with will have fired their coaches during this period of time. So more teams than not feel that this level is a unsatisfactory.
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    Now is when the Fran losers disappear until next season

    How many tournament wins do those teams have compared to Iowa during that span?
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    !*****Official 'Meeting Of The Irish Tempers' Game Thread*****!

    We lose out and lose first game of the tourney. I can’t say for certain we’re in.