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    Shuffle the Staff

    Obviously Brian is not an OC, he has less of a clue as QB coach. The O line is a mess too, partly due to the outdated scheme which Kirk continues to force but also the fact our O line coach is just not good. Move Brian to O line coach, yes a demotion, but Kirk can still pay him, which seems to...
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    Conservative Kirk Costs Us Again

    Kirk is still coaching like it is 1995, he uses an outdated offense (never been in the top 100 in his tenure) and a conservative approach to try not to lose games. There is never a sense of urgency from him or his staff. He has a bad OC (nepotism), even worse QB coach (friend). We win 6 to 10...
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    Iowa total offense ranking

    I would love to see the past 5 seasons, have we ever cracked the top 100 since Brian took over? He is a joke, move him to o line where he belongs and find a REAL coordinator that knows how to call an offense. These numbers hurt the team, and also kill recruiting.
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    This offense

    He should be gone! long ago, and it shows over and over...
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    Brian Ferentz

    How does he have a job? I know Daddy won't fire him. He is the worst offensive coordinator in the Big Ten, maybe the nation. He has about 10 total plays at his disposal, and can not adjust to any type of game situation. Run 2 quarterback sneaks and can't get 2 yards, Petras had no shot on...
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    I told you all Brian Ferentz sucks

    Do we have a draw play? perfect against a blitz, a screen works as well, a quick slant. But no, Stanley stares down ONE receiver every time then completes less than 50% of his passes. They had 8 in the box, someone was open, too bad our SENIOR QB can't EVER find them. This was pathetic, in so...
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    This program is kind of a disaster....

    100% agree, the coaches that get to the dance and sustain success can adjust. After 9 years you can't blame anyone but the coach for the program and where it is in terms of system, and recruiting.
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    This program is kind of a disaster....

    So what changed in the last few weeks? We haven't won a game convincingly since early February. I get being beat up late in the season, but why are we just uninterested as the season goes into February?
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    This program is kind of a disaster....

    Should the bar be raised? We have made the tournament and lost early. I would think we should look at what the program is and what is the expectation. I would think tournament every year, and to win at least a game every year, maybe 2. Isn't that where Iowa should be?
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    Time for KF to go!

    I thoroughly appreciate what he has done as I watched Hayden Fry do the same thing. Too stubborn to change with the times, brings in terrible assistants (Brian is a bad coordinator), and can not game coach (why no challenge on the fumble, using timeouts at the wrong time). The college game has...
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    Uthoff among 10 Naismith Finalists

    Well deserved for all he went through.
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    D1 best finish second round of NCAA tournament. 4 year letter winner.
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    Wow, I was a college athlete, so maybe you going after me is just stupid and you should look at what issues with an underperforming team. So pathetic that you get personal as you talk about a post on a message board. Wow, what a world we live in that someone can't put up a post on a...
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    This team and coaching staff are just soft. In a game like this you go strong to the rim, yet Uthoff Mr. underhand finger roll, Woodbury won't go back up with 2 easy layups, and Jok can only shoot if no one is around him, we settle for jumpers when we should get to the line. We have one...
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    Woody rebounds 1 ft from basket ....

    He is bad, has been bad, and yet when we need an athletic lineup Fran shoves him in to slow things down. 0 offense, can't dunk, he is 7 feet tall and prefers layups. Rebounds on occasion, but never goes back up, something is wrong, he has been here for 4 years and is SOFT! One of many soft...
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    We recruit MAC talent so it is fitting.
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    Play one QB and stick with it!