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    Kadyn Proctor Down to Iowa, Alabama

    That is true, too. And that’s also why I don’t get wrapped up in college football anymore. Alabama and Ohio State SHOULD win almost all the time with those payrolls compared to Iowa and if they don’t, then the organization is mismanaged and coaching personnel need to be reevaluated immediately...
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    Kadyn Proctor Down to Iowa, Alabama

    You all need to remember that Iowa wasn’t technically going to receive an official visit partly because he’s been to Iowa unofficially so many times. The fact that he canceled his other visits to set up an official visit to Iowa speaks volumes.
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    B1G records vs winning teams (10 year window)

    Good to see Wisconsin padding their >50% winning percentage stats from all those ass whoppings put on the Hawks.
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    Aidan Shaw re-opens his recruitment

    Why would we? The Iowa football product has had reasonable success but is frankly difficult to watch most of the time. Add in getting our asses blown away when we played UM when it mattered doesn’t exactly signal that this program is ready to turn the corner beyond 4 losses per season and a trip...
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    Brian is the new QB coach

    Calling my shot now: 6-6 regular season with a loss to Western Michigan in the Quicklane Bowl. This program is the definition of mediocrity.
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    Video & Transcript: Kirk Ferentz Iowa Talks Football

    Correct. 8-4 is the ceiling this year. Roasted by OSU and UM and WI, toss-ups vs. PU and NW. Rinse and repeat.
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    Ferentz Says QB Competition Wide Open

    Welp, just sounds like yet another year upcoming of a boring, stale-ass offense regardless of who ends up being the QB.
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    transfer porthole or lack of

    I have no idea why Mizzou recruits so well. It boggles the mind. Zero on-field production.
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    KF Disbands Former-Player Advisory Committee

    To these points, to an extent, we can say who was right or who was wrong in this. From the outside populace who is typically too lazy in trying to better understand what is actually going on, the damage is already done because this informal agreement should have not concluded this way. The...
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    Kirk signs contract extension, 7 Million a year through 2029

    Sigh of relief. This allows all that Brian controversy additional time to diffuse and blow over. Iowa fans won’t know what an offense looks like by the time KF retires and Brian will slide right into the HC role.
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    Kirk signs contract extension, 7 Million a year through 2029

    A contract extension to continue receiving an annual ass beating to Wisconsin, Purdue, and intermittently falling short in the B1G title game. Sign me up!
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    Okay QB Geniuses...I Did The Work, Now You Defend Your Point

    I’m not in the recruit a transfer QB boat. I’m just here to say that Kansas is losing a lot of miles to which they cannot afford to make up.
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    Good QBs galore in portal

    It’s a good thread with many logical points. QB this, QB that. After we lose another 4+ games next season and earn that big invitation to the Outback bowl, we’ll all remember that it really doesn’t matter who the QB is or will be. This program has plateaued under KF. It will not have any chance...
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    Hey Brian....Bret is looking for an offensive coordinator

    Wouldn’t be a good fit. Bret actually enjoys scoring points and winning by margins of more than 3-5 points per game.
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    Playoff Game thread

    Absolutely loved seeing Michigan get their ass rolled. Arrogant fan base and douche head coach. “We just need better players.” Really? You already enjoy a significant recruitment advantage over all but one or two teams in the B1G. Extremely limited perspective. Screw ‘em.
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    Meth Bowins Sighting

    I’ve got no problem with her; it’s the Brando-Tillman crew who suck at their jobs.
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    A lot of Clowns Running for the Portal

    They were just tired of a 7-5 season. The loss in the super bowl was the last straw. 8-4 looks way different with a super bowl win.
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    Tracy gets Purdue offer

    Fair point. And that’s precisely why I invest so little of my personal time watching them any longer. I got sucked in after the Penn State game this year, only to be duped once again. They’re never getting over the hump.
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    Tracy gets Purdue offer

    I actually kinda hope he goes there to further expose the Ferentz boys’ offensive scheme that will never land elite receivers in its current state. This would be a welcomed, clear indictment of the current state of affairs if he re-emerges at Purdue.
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    Is a Division Title the Rough Equivalent of a Shared Big Ten Title in the Old Days Before Divisions?

    I reflected on the ass whipping Iowa took to Michigan. And then it occurred to me: Iowa is never going to win a B1G Title. They will usually be competitive with most B1G programs, win the majority of their games, put a ton of plays in the NFL, and when a faux West division title every 5 years or...