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  1. PantherHawk88

    Purdue now the favorite?

    Very unlikely. I bet they lose 3 of their next 4. I think it comes down to the Minnesota/Iowa Game.
  2. PantherHawk88

    Merged - Big 12 Aftermath Thread

    If the tv contract allows them to reduce revenue it would be devastating to the remaining members. Big 12's sad, tragic potential end In...
  3. PantherHawk88

    The Official Duck Hunt your way to the Sweet 16 Game thread

    That should be a flop warning. The elbow clearly hit his forearm and he is walking to the bench holding his jaw.
  4. PantherHawk88

    The official don't plummet into the Grand Canyon Iowa like Wile e Coyote Game thread

    Why would anyone what them too. Take the chance of passing it on to Oregon to pass on to us and take us out.
  5. PantherHawk88

    The official don't plummet into the Grand Canyon Iowa like Wile e Coyote Game thread

    Barkley not giving Hawkeye Elvis any love....
  6. PantherHawk88

    The only good badger is a dead badger (3X)...Hawkeyes attempt their first post-season run in BTT in prime time official game thread

    Garza has owned Potter so far. Just discussed with the ref to watch the hook and hold.
  7. PantherHawk88

    ***Official Hawks Get Revenge On The Burrowing Rodents Game Thread***

    That's an absolute flop job by Johnson. He ran into Garza on his own.
  8. PantherHawk88

    Should you give a Gopher any mercy on X-Mass Game thread

    Gopher player sucker punched him on the way by.
  9. PantherHawk88

    Are there bowl games this year besides the 3 CFP games?

    With only 4 Big Ten teams with more than three wins this season and only Minnesota with the possibility of an additional team with a winning season the bowls games are going to be a real joke. 2020 Big Ten Standings EAST CONF OVR Ohio State 5-0 5-0 Indiana 6-1 6-1 Maryland 2-3 2-3...
  10. PantherHawk88

    ***Official First Wisconsin Win Since The CJB Era Game Thread***

    He was under no pressure. At least tuck and run and give us a chance.
  11. PantherHawk88

    OK, let’s get it going: Penn State game thread

    Penn State is going to disown Matt Millen, he is showing a lot of Hawkeye love.
  12. PantherHawk88

    SITE Access Issues (Maintenance Mode)

    You may want to post a note on Twitter under the Hawkeyenation account with the information and how to temporarily get to the boards. I tried multiple ways to figure it out for the game last Saturday but never made it to the forums for the game. Also reminder tweet on Saturday if still down.
  13. PantherHawk88

    SITE Access Issues (Maintenance Mode)

    I have been getting the attached message the majority of the time I try to log into the new website. Is anyone else having the same problem?
  14. PantherHawk88

    OT: TV Streaming (Hulu)

    Hard wired to a FIRESTICK. I have checked the speed on the wired connection and it is 40m.
  15. PantherHawk88

    OT: TV Streaming (Hulu)

  16. PantherHawk88

    OT: TV Streaming (Hulu)

    I have 40mbps. I was thinking that may be my problem but I was at my daughter's last evening and she has 10mbps I had no problems. I also have no problem with Hulu. Almost never have buffering with either service.
  17. PantherHawk88

    OT: TV Streaming (Hulu)