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  1. ATLHawkeye

    An Idea for the Board

    Or... maybe he has decided he's less enthusiastic about participating on a board ran by a person that literally called half of America, most likely including more than half of the people that view the board and generate his ad revenue, pieces of shit. I just learned of this from one of Rob's...
  2. ATLHawkeye

    Families of Former Black Iowa Football Players Organizing for Answers

    Nope. You shouldn't be shot for that, but probably should have been handcuffed. If you would have resisted you should have been taken to the ground. If you continue to resist and wrestle with the officer, grab his weapon, run, and point the weapon at him while he's chasing you, you should...
  3. ATLHawkeye

    Mike Gundy

    I agree with you 100%. I posted those numbers because based on the current climate, I figured most would be very surprised to know that over twice as many unarmed white citizens were killed by police than black citizens and certainly doesn't fit the narrative that the police are out to kill...
  4. ATLHawkeye

    Racism unique to only Iowa within the college ranks?

    Yes. Only Iowa is racist.
  5. ATLHawkeye

    Mike Gundy

    I wonder how many would be surprised to know that there were 9 unarmed black citizens killed by police in 2019. That is certainly a tragedy. They might also be surprised to know that there were 19 unarmed white citizens killed by police in that same year.
  6. ATLHawkeye

    If You Could Only Have 1 Hawkeye Sport in '20-21

    Dammit, you're right... I keep forgetting that I could have grandkids! Shit!!! Technically I guess I could have great grandkids! Double shit!!!
  7. ATLHawkeye

    If You Could Only Have 1 Hawkeye Sport in '20-21

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but as much as I like football more than basketball, this year I'd choose basketball. If all goes right, this could be on of those once in a generation type seasons. Holy crap!... 1980 was a generation ago!. If LG decides not to come back, can I change my answer?
  8. ATLHawkeye

    Bollers Announced His Final 6 - Iowa Is Not Included

    He lives 10 miles from Iowa City. It may be as simple as wanting to get away from home.
  9. ATLHawkeye

    ESPN’s Low: What if Iowa had offered Bob Stoops?

    Let's flip the script. What would KF have done at Oklahoma? I think he would have done as well if not better than Stoops. Seeing what KF has done with 2 and 3 stars and a few 4 stars here and there, what could he do with the kind of players Oklahoma gets? I don't see Stoops developing the...
  10. ATLHawkeye

    Give seniors another year

    Seems fair, unless you're the Junior sitting behind that Senior.
  11. ATLHawkeye

    Anyone Still On Their Soapbox?

    I wish Fran wouldn't have told JW to miss all of those shots! What was he thinking?
  12. ATLHawkeye

    Lucy Rhoden Absolutely Nukes MSU...And They’re MAD

    I only wish she would have worn a black scarf with that gold top... With little tigerhawks on it!
  13. ATLHawkeye

    Carton Is A Buckeye

    I wonder if being away from home is playing a part in this. If so, basketball aside, choosing Iowa City with a very short drive home to see his family whenever he needed to, may have made the situation a little better for him. Whatever the situation, I wish him well and hope he gets the help...
  14. ATLHawkeye

    This is just wrong

    Bat............ Shit.............. Crazy!
  15. ATLHawkeye

    247 sports thinks Hawks a darkhorse contender for......

    I'm just hoping for Sweet 16. Anything after that is gravy!
  16. ATLHawkeye

    Fred is The Great Cornholio. He need's T.P. for his bunghole. Get To .500 In Big 10 Game Thread

    We must have some really tired legs! Getting some good looks from 3 and nothing is falling!
  17. ATLHawkeye

    B1G Ends Up With a Losing Bowl Record??

    Other than our win, I wish they all would have lost! We recruit against most of them!
  18. ATLHawkeye


    Luckily, no. But down here when one SEC team wins, all the other teams beat their chest about it and you gotta hear it from all of them! LOL
  19. ATLHawkeye


    Living in SEC territory, I was definitely rooting for OSU to make it and beat LSU. These SEC fans are already insufferable, and this just makes it even worse!
  20. ATLHawkeye

    !*****Official 'Iowa Hokey Pokeys Holes In The Trojans' Game Thread*****!

    Flashes of Bad Stanley... Come on Nate!