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    NCAA Considering Rule Change

    I was curious why shortening games was deemed necessary. Honest answer. Haven't seen the data reflecting that viewership as a whole is overwhelming in favor of shortening games. My home is in Texas and the only game I would be interested in attending would be the Hawkeyes but the distance is...
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    NCAA Considering Rule Change

    The article didn't divulge the perceived need to shorten the game. Thought it might be corporate pressure (Sports Networks) minimizing games running over into another games time slot. Then found this article released by CBS Sports that appears to answer the question, to wit: 'A convergence of...
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    NCAA Considering Rule Change

    Ostensibly because NCAA games are taking too long. Here is LINK
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    Has Uhlis become the PG the fans have been clamoring for?

    Have been watching Matt Gatens during time outs. Often he is seen in one-on-one conversations with Tony Perkins, Ahron Ulis, and Payton Sandfort. Either by direction or on his own, I believe he has taken on responsibility for development of the guards. By the way, development of the guards...
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    Josh Dix looked like Tony Perkins from last year

    Critically, Dix was on the floor at the end of the Rutgers game. One, because he is dependable at the stripe, and two he plays excellent defense. Was not surprised to see him get so many minutes against Michigan. He is steady.
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    Embarrasing..........Fucking Embarrasing.

    I'm not a 'bud.' That was an ad hominem hung on me by okeefe4prez. Sorry my post appeared that I was embarrassed. Far from it. I have been a fan of the Hawkeyes since the 1940's. And a graduate of the University of Iowa. Apparently not well formed, my point was that shots were not falling for...
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    Embarrasing..........Fucking Embarrasing.

    I saw your screaming post in huge font in all caps and bold but my eyes focused more on the tags below. It appears you pin Jon's critique as a badge of honor. There was a time when players weren't singled out. JBO didn't single-handily lose this game. There was a surrounding cast--starters and...
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    We’re going to be everyone’s upset pick

    Actually 3 starters are grad + 1 sr. And first four off bench include 1 grad, 1 sr, and 1 rsjr.
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    Do not believe Kris has a body of work to impress the NBA. Overseas: I don't know their criteria. It is a minority view, but I have been thinking that the twins have been together for a long time. So, Keegan comes back for one more year with Kris and then they both declare for the draft in...
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    Im Going To Say this Again

    The +/- stat is telling. In this game Hawkeye guards had a collective net +24; IU guards net -57. As you know this stat measures a player's impact on the game. Also, Hawks won the rebounding battle which has been a problem this season. And look at where points came from: +16 turnovers; +2...
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    When Josh O was in, Cockburn pivoted into him and was stopped cold. The camera caught the astonishment on Kofi's face. Except Josh O does not have the conditioning for long minutes and running the floor. The press does not work if the 5 doesn't get down the floor quickly and set up D under...
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    Cooper DeJean

    FWIW have seen Xavier Williams listed as a cornerback on depth chart. If any credence can be given to depth charts.
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    Martinez is out on Friday

    SF is desperate. After dumping 8 offensive coaches might be good idea to wait until game is over before counting AM out.
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    What is the word on Moss and Lachey playing against Wisky?

    In the depth chart released ahead of Wisconsin game Lachey is listed. At right corner Roberts and Harris are listed. Moss apparently out...
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    Vent thread...Post your frustration here.

    Purdue entered the game with the RB cupboard nearly bare. Repeatedly, facing 3 and long, and an obvious passing down the center and a guard would double team a DT and force to sideline direction. The opposite guard would fade to the inside finessing the DT to take path of least resistance to...
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    Story: A New Era on Horizon for Hawkeye Basketball

    Partly why he and Keegan attended DME Sports Academy. Kris will see the court and perform well.
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    connor has torn labrums in both hips

    A hip labral tear involves the ring of cartilage (labrum) that follows the outside rim of your hip joint socket. Besides cushioning the hip joint, the labrum acts like a rubber seal or gasket to help hold the ball at the top of your thighbone securely within your hip socket. See...
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    '18 Athletic Department Study Showed Serious Racial Bias in Iowa Football

    Even when random testing is employed it is possible that one segment of a population could be selected for testing at a substantially higher rate than other segments. For example the population is 120 so in every test each member of the population has a 1 in 120 chance of being selected. And...
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    Improving the atmosphere at Carver Hawkeye

    I'm bumping 80 years old. Infrequent poster on this board. I drop in from time to time to read what members have to say. Have heard these not infrequent complaints about Carver atmosphere. Have wondered though about golf and tennis, for example, where at critical times like a putt in golf or...
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    Evelyn since CJ went down

    As I watched the game I thought Pemsyl is getting in the flow. Then I saw him smiling during a transition from commercial break which suggested he was feeling better about his performance. We need him to get to the game he showed against Iowa State.