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    Fran quietly putting together a nice 24 class

    I agree that Fran has not been successful in the Tourney, however the recruiting has been fine. Unfortunately, like Cpt. Kirk, the system is broke.
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    Iowa still unranked

    Iowa fans are hard on the Hawkeyes. They are winning games (should be 8-1). It's weird. If they win ugly, so be it. I'd also prefer a competent offense, but it shouldn't take away from the rest of the team doing whatever they can do to win a game...geesh...
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    The OLine

    I hear good things about the true freshmen Trevor Lauck (4* guard)...I wonder if he'll get some run, as he has the 4 games of participation remaining without burning the redshirt.
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    Don't have a shot at making it to the B1G CG? The Hawks will be favored in all of their remaining games. Now, it doesn't mean they win them all, but I think saying they have no shot is a little Debbie-Downer of you with the given circumstances. Bucky is the only team in the West that has a...
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    Here's my take going forward

    I hear ya, but with that said...never, and I mean never, back down to the big bad wolf...that's a defeatus mentality. Nothing to be proud of with that line of thinking...I say, let's play em' all for the title!
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    Sebastian was a heat-seeking missile out there...laying the wood and being super disruptive. The rest of the world just collectively said, "who dat?"
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    Iowa is 9.5 opening dog to Wisconsin

    Just throw a "hail-Mary" every pass play...I like it. I anoint you the new O-coordinator...not even being facetious!
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    Amazing Stats

    One can "massage" the numbers for their intended narrative, but in the end...they just don't lie. They simply don't know how to...
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    Some thoughts on Yesterday

    Why would tight end U come to an end? Saturday was atrocious, and even with this, All had a few yards shy of a bill and a touch...TE's should be tripping all over themselves to be next in WR's, that's another story.
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    Nimmers is staying a Hawk

    I agree Duke, watching him in the videos go up the ladder and hammer-slam with good flow and ease, at his size, makes him even more than "sneaky athletic." He definitely has the coveted quick-twitch abilities needed to succeed at a high-level. He appears to be light years ahead of Bowen, both...
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    Owen Freeman, Brock Harding Growing Together

    It appears that Harding has hit the weight room in a major way this summer...he was looking stacked in the team pic taken in August with BJ Armstrong. Almost needs to tone it down a bit with the weights...
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    Nimmers is staying a Hawk

    Bowen has point guard on lockdown? Did I miss something...Brock Harding still exists, right? Harding is quicker than Bowen and has a better feel for the game. He'll get the obligatory keys to the car at some point this coming season and Bowen will promptly be off to a salty mid-major program...
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    Three Positive Developments

    Concur with this...Washington Jr. is also a bit intriguing to me. I suppose now, the Hawkeyes will be known as a tailback factory?
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    Iowa Adds Belmont F Even Brauns

    The Hawks are definitely not a small team...Mulvey 6'11", Freeman 6'10", Brauns 6'9", Dembele 6'9", Kirkke 6'9", PMac 6'9" can have your opinion in regards to talent level, but definitely not a bunch of shorties...
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    Music Thread

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    Iowa signs what is considered one of the best players in the portal available

    Everybody talks about a teenager's identifiers like they won't change. Harding could still grow taller and get more Duke said, he's listed at 6'1 160 as a senior in high school. John Stockton was consistently listed at 6'1 170 throughout his playing career...I expect nothing less...
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    Iowa signs what is considered one of the best players in the portal available

    I agree with this,,,I think Harding surprises people...he's high-level stuff.
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    What was your first car?

    Buick opel...looked like a bubble on wheels. It worked. Sold the vehicle for a song...observed the vehicle parked in the parking lot of Chances (a club in Sioux City) some years later.
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    Hunter Dickinson in portal

    Speaking of the portal...players and teams need be cautious to what they ultimately seek and wish for, as Pete Nance left N'Western (who did not dance in 2021-22) for National Title runner-up NC. This year, N'Western danced without him, and the Tar Heels were relegated to watching the dance...
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    Influx of Transfers New for Iowa

    According to the current listed roster dimensions, it appears you can't play offensive line at Iowa if you're not 6'6" and 308lbs...