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    I think Lester presented himself well in first look

    I was hoping for a little RPO... but I guess "RBO" is a start.
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    QB recruiting

    It's important to deep dive on what exactly "player development" means at the QB position. I typically think of it in a few key categories, such as: 1) Knowledge of Offense, Understanding, playbook 2) Throwing development, accuracy, technique 3) Quarterbacking mechanics, footwork, ball...
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    Kadyn Proctor Speculation

    This feels like I'm stupidly taking the bait, because you're just trolling at this point. You think KP is a touch overrated? You think Wirfs was maybe a better prospect and/or further along when he was a college Freshman or Sophomore? Fine, make your case and let's think about it. But you...
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    '24 O-Line

    I actually think a lot of people are wildly underestimating how good Proctor is and how good he will be. A lot of people (a lot of dumb Alabama fans) are talking shit and saying that he struggled and was not up to the task. I think he's a future #1 overall pick in the NFL draft type of player...
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    Kadyn Proctor Speculation

    Agreed. Which is really strange, because the recruiting analysts don't typically do that for normal (HS) recruits. They're incentivized to not guess wrong.
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    Kadyn Proctor Speculation

    I'm curious about the Crystal Ball predictions for Iowa on 247 sports from these national recruiting analysts. There is a significant wave of these experts picking Iowa... but I still haven't seen any kind of announcement in the media or hint that he's coming home. Are these recruiting experts...
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    Iowa Targeting January for New OC

    Fascinating debate indeed. I used to have the very strong opinion that the Hayden Fry way is correct and that Kirk's philosophy is flawed. The hypothesis is that Kirk's obsession with consistency breeds a mediocre coaching staff. I still think this, but I realize now how much nuance there is in...
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    Fire Kirk

    I think we all know the infamous press conference question where Brian Ferentz was asked about switching things up at QB and he responded, "why? What's the upside?" That line and that moment will live in a dark part of my brain for a long time hahaha. And there have been a few painful moments...
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    Candidates for the OC position

    "to the point of mediocrity" - so accurate. Make us dream, Paul!
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    Portal needs

    We now have an (interim) AD in place that probably won't let this happen. We are past the good old boy days for Kirk to bring in "his guy"
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    Jack won't be a Hawkeye

    Jack's statement and the nature of this headline seem clear enough... but who knows? I bet he doesn't either. As weird as it might seem, maybe he will actually end up at Iowa. And this doesn't necessarily mean that Fran will leave. If there is a strong chance he signs with Iowa and plays for...
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    Pick the Starting QB for next season

    I'll go with 2010 season Cam Newton
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    Janerious Jackson - RB (Iowa offer) I saw we offered this Georgia high school running back this week. It's not a super impressive offer list... and he's currently still committed to Miami (OH). But I'm very...
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    How Iowa matches up against Wisconsin?

    Lol I hadn't seen the total game stats from our Purdue game... we would have a +200 yard rusher and finish with 184 rush yards as a team o_O
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    Is This A Bad Stat?

    It is bad. But I care more about: 1) Points per game 2) Yards per play PPG: 13.7 (ranked 124/131) Yards/play: 3.8 (ranked 129/131)
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    I think Brecht will be good... and other random thoughts

    Brecht is certainly an impressive athlete. More so than the other couple of guys that were filling in during the first two games (the local Iowa "walk ons"). We sure heard a bit of hype around those guys.. and that there were tough competitors, but sadly, we didn't really get to see it. Petras...
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    B1G Portal Adds & Subtractions in Portal

    Very interesting and I agree that our net result might play out favorably versus some others in the Big10. When it comes to both the transfer portal and NIL (the era of NIL), I am really curious to see what kind of data analytics emerge in the coming years. I know there are a few websites...
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    Barta and his big mouth..

    I remember watching an interview with Barta on ESPN a few years back, when he gave some comments on the playoff selection committee and how they were approaching the process. I was with a group of friends that included a Gopher, a Badger, and a Northwestern alum. I swear Barta said...
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    Dolph needs to retire

    "Touchdown Iowa! Touchdown Iowa" Tyler Goodson bounced it outside, up the sideline, and into the endzone!" "Wait. Check that folks. They're saying he stepped out at the 8 yard line. It will be 1st and Goal for the Hawks".
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    Ken O'Keefe Stepping Down as Iowa QB Coach

    It seems like people really connected with KOK and almost always had positive things to say about him. But I do wonder how good he was at his job. Our QB play has been so average/mediocre and the quarterbacks just don't seem to develop that well. I remember an interview with Nate Stanley a few...