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    Changes 2.0

    Since this thread has been up for several hours and Rob has posted without disputing its veracity, I guess this isn’t a joke. The “Owners” of this site obviously have no idea what they are doing. I won’t continue to visit a site at which someone like Fryowa is given a moderator/administrator...
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    CJ got to play

    CJ starting 2nd half against Dolphins. Garrapolo threw 2 picks in last few minutes of 1st half, the second one was as bad as you’ll see in the NFL.
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    2020 Survival Pool

    I guess I’m stuck with Kansas!!!
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    Why Spring Football will not work.

    Let me clear up the confusion for you. There is years of data available on the health effects of football. That would include the amount of time the body needs to recover after a long physical football season before ramping up to do it again. There is less data available on the risks to...
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    Howe: Hawkeyes About to Be Part of Science Experiment

    Rob, it sounds like you are advocating that Brian take the reigns this year as a trial run??? :D
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    Are you personally worried about getting the Coronavirus?

    I’m asking because I don’t know, how many of the 730 positive cases were asymptomatic? Here In the KC area, Triumph Foods in St. Joseph, MO has over 400 asymptomatic positive cases. Similar results in a food plant in Dodge City. Why, when there is a massive testing of an entire group of...
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    Are you personally worried about getting the Coronavirus?

    I don’t understand the lack of urgency regarding testing. You test everyone, multiple times. The new Abbott test cartridges are $40 each. Invoke the Defense Production Act on multiple companies until we are producing 1 billion tests a month. Then everyone in the country is tested 3 times a...
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    This is 2019 right

    So... If I want to get BTN+, how do I get that on my TV??? I'm asking for a friend!!!
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    What the heck Dish Network!

    That's not the kind of old school channel surfing Okeefe and I are talking about. See my previous post. Also, the guide can't tell you if that game is currently in a commercial break.
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    What the heck Dish Network!

    Yep. You nailed it. Not only that, but I bet your dad could tell you what was on each of those ten channels he flipped through to get between the games. His eye was trained to immediately identify commercials, reruns of his favorite shows, etc. in just an instant. The younger kids on this...
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    What the heck Dish Network!

    Yes, that is exactly what I'm worried about. But you are telling me it does not happen. Let me get this straight. These new streaming options run over WiFi, but never have connectivity problems? I just don't believe that. I have to go down to the storage room at least 3 times a week to...
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    What the heck Dish Network!

    That's all I needed to know. I won't switch until the technology actually works. I'm not going to sit through the same frustrations I have with my computer and phone while I'm trying to relax and watch TV. It's bad enough when everything went digital. Now I can't channel surf anymore, I...
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    Not me. I was trying to zag when everyone else was zigging when I picked Washington State. I guess asking a Pac 12 team to not give up 67 points at home to an 0-3 team averaging 14 pts a game is just too big of an ask. I hope everyone on the west coast enjoyed that ultimate frisbee game last...
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    Week 1: Army Week 2: Texas Tech Week 3: Notre Dame Week 4: Washington State
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    Week 1: Army Week 2: Texas Tech Week 3: Notre Dame
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    Week 1: Army Week 2: Texas Tech
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    Week 1: Army
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    Iowa vs Mercer NCAA tournament Thread

    Is that really the box score? 24 TOs to the opponent's 3 TOs? The opponent didn't shoot any FTs?
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    ~ Iowa Basketball Career Records to Watch ~

    I had no idea Baer was that close to the top 10 in career 3PM. I hope he makes it. Starting a career as a walk-on and ending up a top 10 career Hawkeye in 2 categories... It's hard to overstate how remarkable that is.
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    2 game suspension

    Doesn't this seem odd to anyone else. For a couple of reasons. First, don't we have an Associate Head Coach who would be the natural next in line if the HC is unavailable? Most schools do. Second, I want the coach that did the advanced scout for that opponent sitting and concentrating on...