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    Music Thread

    My favorite AC/DC tune. Who would have thought that bagpipes would work in a hard rock song, but, man, do they ever.
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    Favorite Track and Field Event and Why
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    In-State RB Brevin Doll Chooses Iowa

    This is thinking outside the box somewhat here, but I wouldn't be shocked if Brevin ultimately ends up at LB. His athletic skill set and running style reminds me a lot of former Notre Dame linebacker Jalyn Smith. Like Doll, Smith was a lightening fast RB with a "one-cut" hit the hole style...
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    In-State RB Brevin Doll Chooses Iowa

    Wow. I ran the 100 and 200, and that is a blazing time for high school. Not all players translate track speed to game speed, and even if they do there is no guarantee of getting good at the nuances of receiver or RB. A lot to work with there, though.
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    CC WNBA Day 1 thought

    Also should add that those two early foul calls on her were highly questionable and no doubt got her out of sync. WNBA officiating appears worse than the NBA (if that's possible.....).
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    CC WNBA Day 1 thought

    The Sun were definitely the better team, at both ends of the floor. The girl on Caitlin played very well defensively. I agree about Boston looking out of shape. Perhaps that will improve, but she appeared sluggish and ineffective. Caitlin will be just fine, but it will take awhile. Her team...
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    Iowa Football Adds WR Jacob Gill

    Rob, were we involved in his initial recruitment at all? Just curious.
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    Bluder announces retirement

    Wow. Didn't see that one coming. She's had an awesome career, and deserves heartfelt gratitude from all Hawkeye fans.
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    Spencer Lee Qualifies for Olympics

    Other than one tight match, he looked absolutely dominant against some of the best in the world. I would be very surprised if he doesn't medal. Now that he's fully healthy, he's really showing what he is capable of. The US will have a very good squad in Paris.
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    2025 Draft

    People get really stuck on the size of Green Bay but it's really all of the surrounding community. Definitely not sufficient for a Super Bowl, and the draft will be a stretch, but that's part of the charm.
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    Quiet portal

    I get the concern, but I wouldn't characterize Iowa's dip into the portal for a QB as a state of panic looking for a starter. All positions need a room with enough healthy bodies to establish a roster. Our QB room is tenuous at best, with a presumed starter coming off major injuries with no...
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    Quiet portal

    There's some speculation that Sullivan may still be the guy. It makes sense, but my guess is he's looking for starter's money.
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    Players Sharing Revenue

    One of the most interesting things in sports will be seeing how this plays out over the next 5-10 years. The current set-up is simply not sustainable, but alternatives will all be a sticky mess. Assuming equal revenue sharing among conference members, some type of "salary cap" based upon a...
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    Kyle Kasper transfer portal rumors

    Oliver Martin. I could be mistaken, but I don't recall him being a legacy. He was a hometown product however. Talented player but couldn't find his groove for whatever reason. The only rumor I heard at the time was that he had a bit of a "sense of entitlement" that turned off the coaches and...
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    Spencer Lee vs Gilman

    I'm no expert on freestyle either. The rules were tweaked a few years ago which made it less confusing. How they determine when to trigger the passivity clock is confusing for me too. They put Spencer on the clock in that match shortly after he took a shot, so I'd have to dig into it to fully...
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    Spencer Lee vs Gilman

    Have to disagree on Brooks. I've always been very impressed with his skill-set. He'll be a medal contender.
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    Boom - Deacon Hill

    Hill strikes me as a good dude. I hope he finds something that fits him. Happy for Marco. I've met his parents a couple of times and they are very nice down-to-earth people, that travel from the east coast to almost every game.
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    Podolak Done with Game Color Commentary

    Of the names tossed around, Paul Burmeister easily would be the most polished. I think he's more TV focused, though. Last I heard, he was with the NFL Network, but too lazy to look up what he's doing right now. I'd lean towards someone who brings some personality to it, and is willing to commit...
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    Favorite Track and Field Event and Why

    I do vaguely recall that. Freaky stuff happens in sports, that's for sure. I'm not sure I really want to see those videos. Yikes. I already see enough strange shit in my profession.