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    Not positive for Covid-19

    Not positive for Covid-19
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    Both OPINIONS are valid.
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    Music Thread

    I like Lizzo
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    Miller: I was Wrong About Kirk Ferentz

    Step it up, pal.
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    Miller: I was Wrong About Kirk Ferentz

    What? Tweeter does good posts? Since when?
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    remember these idiots?

    Brings back memories, huh?
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    All is quiet on Saddle Club Road

    What was the deal with that anyway? He didn’t want to join an HOA? Who can blame him?
  8. MNHawkeyeFreak

    remember these idiots?

    Really?? Wow! I didn’t remember that. He seemed promising.
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    Gamefilm: Time to Grade this Message Board

    Who doesn’t? Right Tweeter?
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    official "these refs suck" thread

    Didn't you cheer, Seth? It was horribly hot and despite that, I thought the crowd was pretty into it.
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    OT FOR MODS - Site issue on mobile

    Maybe you need to be in the right forum....check this thread out. The suggestion by chicken lounge was very successful and by that I mean it worked. Sure is super fast now.
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    Need advice. Accidentally bought youth tickets

    Yeah...come on...what happened!? <insert we're waiting gif here>
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    One Thing I Know: Iowa will be ready

    Would it kill ya to come visit? How's the fam?
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    One Thing I Know: Iowa will be ready

    Oh...hai, okeefe. ...
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    Fake anti virus pop ups that kidnap your browser

    Frequently when I'm on this site on my phone, iPhone 7, only after viewing forums for a short time, I'll get one of those antivirus ads that take your browser hostage saying that 28% of your phone is full of virus threats, yadda, yadda, yadda and I need to agree to have it fixed. Of course the...
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    What did we miss on Desmond King?