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    Missouri looking to add 4K more seats...

    I was in St Louis last week and on the news they showed clips of Pinkel talking about the move to the SEC. They also mentioned all of the SEC home games at Mizzou are already sold out for this season.
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    Tiger Woods- stick a fork in him!

    Tiger just picked up win #3 of the season. Passed Jack for total wins.
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    Rumblings out of West Lafayette Painters in trouble

    I have a few things to add to this thread. ******* ******* ****** ************ *********** Duff ******* ***** ******** *************** ************* ********** * ****** Duff's rumor.
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    DJK vs McNutt

    This is the correct answer and the stats don't lie. No need to discuss the differences in the two regarding work ethic and personality, that's obvious. Statistically, MN achieved more in 3 yrs than DJK did in 4. The senior seasons tell the real story. MN 82-1315-12. DJK 45-745-10...
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    Tiger Woods- stick a fork in him!

    Jack 18 majors Tiger 14 majors It's not out of reach. Also, Tiger just tied Jack with his 73rd win overall. You better pray Tiger never gets on another roll. I suppose you hate every person who screwed up their marriage huh? If celebrities didn't screw up their marriages life wouldn't be...
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    A little reminder about Drew Tate

    Feel like doing some trolling huh? It is what you do best.
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    I just want to get this post out of the way now

    Bringing up Kyle Williams? That's the best you can do?
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    I just want to get this post out of the way now

    This thread is about the defense *******.
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    I think Coker Returns for 2012

    Remember kids, don'!
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    Who cuts the net down if we win today?

    Too bad Shmuckna couldn't lead nw to a win over Washington. Please explain what happened.
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    Who cuts the net down if we win today?

    It's Soldier Field genius. No s. Every village needs it's idiot. Every message board needs it's troll. ok4p is our idiot troll. He plays the part so well.
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    Iowa's last post season Hoops Win???

    Blah, Blah, Blah
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    Largest Arenas (University Owned & Operated)

    The troll strikes again.
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    In my opinion it really doesn't matter. Sweet 16. Elite 8. Final 4. Champs. That's what really matters.
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    if fran isn't talking about a post season.... what else could it be for?

    It will be announced that okeefe4prez has purchased every Hawkeye website and only trolls and nw fans will be aloud to post.
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    Another March, another Alford tourney championship

    I've gotta admit okeefe, you can troll with the best of 'em.
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    Bruce Weber has "retired"

    And a national title.
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    Iowa vs MSU ***Prediction Thread***

    Spartans win 75-58.
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    Can we win the BTT

    The chances are very slim.