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    Joe Tou.

    CJ had 2 fouls and we know how committed Fran is to sitting players with 2 fouls in 1st half. I think it was more of an emergency situation that either played rather than a new expectation on the rotation. Its tough to have a rotation that includes 10 players consistently especially if Wieskamp...
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    Note from the Publisher

    I wish that there would have been some comments from other players on DJK. Specifically regarding the drug raid part. I did see that McNutt on twitter said that he had no knowledge of DJK drug use prior to the arrest. I find it hard to believe that he wouldn't know. But that is what he said...
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    Story: Patrick McCaffery Goes In-Depth about Road to Recovery

    I'll donate 20 lbs right now. Seems like a worthy cause.
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    Which Freshman Redshirt?

    I picked Murray twins and Ulis. Reasoning is based more on the opportunity for playing time as opposed to who is best prepared to play or needs that extra year of seasoning. I see it as a toss up between Ulis and Perkins for which one redshirts. Overall to keep classes even I think we do need...
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    Which Freshman Redshirt?

    Eric May is a solid comparison. I think Perkins is a better all around player.
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    Nice Mini Doc on Tony Perkins

    Of the incoming class, Perkins is the one I like the most. He is the slasher/scorer of the class.
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    Please Place Iowa Basketball ?s for Mailbag Pod Here

    Are players able to workout together or practice as a team right now? Has there been any news regarding McCaffery redshirt waiver? Who do you expect to improve the most from last year to this year? What are your expectations for the three players returning from injury? PMac, Nunge, JBo?
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    If You Could Only Have 1 Hawkeye Sport in '20-21

    The basketball team didn't get a chance to prove they could make a postseason run last season. We have the best player in college basketball returning. And its a great style and pace of basketball to watch. Don't get me wrong, I love football Saturdaysamd I do hope we get them back. But...
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    2020 Recruiting Class - Ratings Bump

    To be fair, other than Garza and Cook, the strength of Fran teams has always been the tweener 3/4 man (White, Uthoff) or wing player (Jok, Marble, Gatens) we have had serviceable PGs and Centers. You can play small ball with only one big on the floor. Its tough to play with two back to the...
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    Toussaint / Fredrick Backcourt

    Yes he made them at a higher clip but teams still didn't respect him shooting a 3 and would leave him open to play help defense or double Garza. Better decision making is the biggest thing that will keep him on the floor. I'm not sure if Toussaint will ever have to score many points. But...
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    Patrick McCaffery - Workout Video

    Most of all, he looks like a Big 10 player now. This team is gonna just be so talented and deep. My only fear is Fran tries to play too many guys or doesn't give our top 3 or 4 enough minutes. Top 3 in my mind are Garza, JoeW and CJ. I think those 3 should all get 30 MPG. Then tier 2 of JBo...
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    Toussaint / Fredrick Backcourt

    That is some pretty high praise from one of the best PGs in the conference. I think that if JoeT can improve his 3PT shooting to even a CMac level of teams having to respect that shot especially off the dribble, then he could be an all conference level guard at some point over the next 3 years.
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    Murray Twins

    To be fair, we don't really know what Nunge is as a player since his redshirt. He barely played last season. He bulked up for sure, but he also wasn't a great wing player. He is also 7FT 245. I believe he will be better than Kriener. And I think that he will do well at playing alongside or in...
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    Murray Twins

    I think its dumb that basketball wouldn't have a similar rule to football. Redshirts in general seem to not get used as much in basketball as they do in football though.
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    Murray Twins

    Doesn't the 10 game window only apply if they have an injury? I don't think basketball has adopted a similar rule to football where you can play 4 games and still keep your redshirt. I believe they can play any exhibition games but can't play any other game if they want to redshirt in basketball.
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    Murray Twins

    Agreed. Plus even with the extra year being granted for Nunge, when Garza is gone, having a player that has at least played some vs no experience will help future teams. This next season I'd be fine with no redshirts, because this is a legit title contender team assuming Garza is back. It...
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    Liam Robbins transferring from Drake

    Time to eat crow I guess. Happy to be wrong though.
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    Joe Wieskamp Announces He'll Pass on NBA Draft Process

    He was still 3rd team all BIG. When a defense only has 1 or 2 players to key on defensively unless you are an all time great, teams will limit you. With more shooters on the court to swing the ball to, driving lanes will open up which will also allow more open looks from deep. I think the weight...
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    Patrick McCaffery - Workout Video

    The video at the beginning of the thread is from early or mid March. If not for Covid shutdown I think all the players would be able to get into Carver though to workout.
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    HN's Full Rundown of Fran's Presser Today

    This past year there were only 5 or 6 teams on the schedule that I felt going into the season were tune up games. I'd prefer to have at least 1 more P5 team on next years schedule but playing 20 league games will boost their SOS. Being a preseason top 10 team will mean that almost any game that...