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  1. andrewdowns

    Social media sites reporting rumors DeJean is out for the season

    This really sucks. Mostly for Cooper, who is the best on and off the field, but how snake bitten can we be by injuries this season? At least this time (unlike Nebraska last year) we've got a few days to figure it out, but you know Bielema will be ready to exploit this. Ugh.
  2. andrewdowns

    Expectations for tonight at Creighton?

    How’s everyone feel about tonight’s game? A win feels like a long shot, but showing we can compete at this level would be great for this team this early in the season. Gotta hit shots.
  3. andrewdowns

    Unranked in the AP Poll

    We have our issues, and our schedule isn’t great, but I feel like we deserve a Top-25 designation at this point. At least the CFP rankings (the ones that really matter) take notice. 22 last week, have to think we’ll be up a spot or two.
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    Is KF the Big Ten Coach of the Year as of right now?

    If Iowa wins the next two I’m not sure how you give it to anyone else but Kirk. Big if.
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    Harbaugh…He Gone?

    Feels like this could be his last season in Ann Arbor. Thoughts?
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    How's Everyone Feel About WBB Tonight?

    Big spot for Bluder's Bunch tonight, #3 v #8 Virginia Tech. 7pm on ESPN. How's everyone feeling about it?
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    Preseason Expectations for MBB

  8. andrewdowns

    Opposition Research Podcast - Rutgers

    Opposition Research Podcast - Andrew Downs and Brian Fonseca of NJ Advance Media/The Star-Ledger discuss Iowa's home game against a resurgent Rutgers: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
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    Iowa still unranked

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    Iowa-Rutgers Opening Line

  11. andrewdowns

    Jump Start on the next 3

    You always want to get there. Anything can happen. That said, we’ll probably lose by 50 and it will feel awful.
  12. andrewdowns

    Other QBs

    It’s the most damning thing about Brian’s tenure, IMO. More than play design or calling. The inability to recruit and develop quarterbacks has held the offense back for years now.
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    Instant Reaction Podcast - Iowa finds a way at Wrigley

    Instant Reaction Podcast - Iowa finds a way at Wrigley. 7-2 and atop the Big Ten West. What more can you say?
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    Iowa vs Gonzaga Dec 19th in Sioux Falls

    Agreed, great scheduling the past few seasons and this one is going to be fun.
  15. andrewdowns

    Winter Sports Athletes Might Get an Extra Year

    This could mean big things for Hawkeye seniors in hoops as well as Spencer Lee's bid for four NCAA Championships. Would Garza and Bohannon come back for another year?
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    20 Best Plays in Iowa History

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    Andrew Downs Introduction

    What's up, everybody? My name is Andrew Downs. Some of you may know me from KXnO Radio in Des Moines. Hopefully you all know me from hosting the HN Podcast since Jon Miller stepped away at the end of last year. I'm going to be helping out moderate these message boards and I'm excited for the...