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    Reason behind Ferentz presser?

    Just thinking out loud. Was Ferentz aware of Mason upcoming retirement and felt the need to speak and proclaim what he has done for university first? With Mason gone, there is probably a good chance Barta is next. What will the new president and AD think of Ferentz successes over the past...
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    AIRBHG strikes again ...

    This time it is in the coaching ranks. Just heard from reliable source that Erb is no longer on the coaching staff at Iowa. Has not been around for a few weeks. Source is relative who told me that Soup left before it was announced. FWIW
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    Hawkeye Coaching Staff

    [/B] Agreed. Haven't heard much on Erb in a while. Just talked to my relative, who informed me of Soup leaving before it was announced, that Erb is no longer on the football staff at Iowa. No idea if he was fired, left on his own or where he is going. Just told me that he has not be around...
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    Erik Campbell Leaving Iowa

    I think i mentioned as much detail about my source as i can when i first put on here that Soup was leaving. I have a very close relative who is involved with the fb program on a daily basis. Really can't get much more detailed then that, sorry.
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    Erik Campbell Leaving Iowa

    The person who told me Soup was leaving a month ago or so thought it was Soups decision to leave. This is speculation on his part, not 100% confirmed, but he thought Soup was not happy with GD coming back as OC again. Not sure if he didn't like GD himself, or his scheme or just disappointed...
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    Soup is gone....

    FWIW AJ was on sideline talking with a lot of players and coaches during NE game. I understand a lot of former players do this ... maybe there is a chance.
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    Soup is gone....

    I think it is to early to really know if Brian to WR is a good move or not. Really depends on who gets hired to fill the OL position. If it is Morgan, then depends on who replaces him at DL. If we get the right coach to fill the vacancy this could be a good move, if not the right coach then a...
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    Soup is gone....

    I heard a few weeks back the Soup was leaving, looks to finally be confirmed. The question I have is: Why didn't Ferentz come out and make a statement that this was what was occurring instead of everyone finding out from a potential recruit? Could this lead to further negative recruiting...
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    Staff Change?

    Just talked to my brother-in-law who was involved with the football team this year that there is a team meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning announcing a member of the football staff is leaving. Unfortunately, it is not Davis. He told me that Soup is leaving the program. Wasn't sure what...
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    Consider this

    Thought the same thing after reading the press transcript. I'm guessing KF has left the door open for GD to return. Cant see KF firing someone after one year. Maybe GD is undecided at this point. Guess we will find out eventually.
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    Who will start at QB?

    Talked with my brother - in - law who is involved with football team on daily basis. I asked him about QB for next year. His opinion: Ruddock - is the best in his opinion right now. Smartest and throws the most consistent ball. Very similar to JVB. (He also said JVB was accurate in practice)...
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    OT: Nebby Booster takes out full page ad to support coach

    Maybe NW is spending all that money on recruiting. Recruiting gets expensive when you get a majority of your recruits from foreign countries. Lots of travel to find them. Also they probably have translators on staff to help with the language barrier. :D Whatever they are spending their money...
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    Marcus Coker is Gone

    Think there may be some truth to what Caarhawk is saying. Erb is not the most liked coach on the Iowa staff. Is he the reason for all the attrition at the position? I don't think so, but I do feel he may be a part of it and I think Ferentz should take a close look at the situation. I...
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    Stoops interview by USC radio

    This is probably the most likely scenario to play out. Parker at DC. Woods moves into DL and Wilson stays at LB. DB - ?. Maybe Parker do DC and DB. Then go hire actual QB coach. Maybe move Woods to LB since that position he played and move Wilson to DL ... I did hear he might have some...
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    Kirk Bohls says Mike Stoops is considering OSU, Neb & Iowa

    Has Stoops always been this animated? Or did he become more animated when he had the extra pressure to wins ball games bc he was the head coach? Maybe being only DC will settle him down a bit ... probably not, but worth a shot. Coach K gets pretty animated and seems to get along w KF. Phil...
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    Will McCall make the bowl trip?

    I did in fact hear of something that occurred that may have led to McCall being suspended. I was told this information by someone whom I trust completely the same day it was announced he was suspended. I would not post information if I did not trust the source who told me. The reason given...
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    Will McCall make the bowl trip?

    I hope you are correct that the reason is grades. Grades is much better then what i heard ... for the university and for McCall. The one thing that doesn't make sense to me about the grades is that they can't be out yet ... unless his are so bad that there is no chance he can become eligible...
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    Will McCall make the bowl trip?

    My guess is McCall does not make the bowl trip. IMO we will not see him in a Hawkeye uniform again. I don't think grades is the reason ... have they even come out yet? Finals aren't til next week, correct? I find it hard to believe that the facebook post would result in him still being...
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    You watch-McCall will leave!

    Agreed. The whole McCall playing time discussion may come to end soon.
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    Agreed. VDB seems like a better QB when he is in the shotgun with more uptempo style. He is a rhythm QB and it is very difficult to get in a rhythm with our style of offense. Coaches not playing to his strength as a QB. IMO