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  1. MisterLucky

    NCAA tournament challenges

    The Shamrock used the KXIC contest every week for a case of beer. After I won it three times and the owner knew I wasn't a regular customer, he politely asked me to quit entering. I remember I gave one case to Jim Collins, an-ex Hawkeye who tended bar there.
  2. MisterLucky

    This Is Going To Be A Wild And Crazy Week

    This week, with all the conference championships is just the start of the fun. I kissed MrsLucky goodbye and told her I would see her in April.
  3. MisterLucky

    Iowa State Is A Tire Fire

    What traction? There's not a whisper of this on TOB.
  4. MisterLucky

    Official 2022 Cubs Baseball Thread

    Big "Field of Dreams" game tonight. Great opportunity to show the country just how badly the Cubs have been allowed to regress since the glory days of a few year ago. Hope the Ricketts appear to take a bow.
  5. MisterLucky

    Official 2022 Cubs Baseball Thread

    Well, the trading deadline has come and gone and Happ and Contreras are both still Cubs and both of them seem happy about that fact. Now if we can just stop trading talent for beans and start accumulating players we may eventually be able to catch up to the Brewers and Cardinals, but it will...
  6. MisterLucky

    4-Star JP Estrella High on Hawkeye Basketball

    He would already be over that if he hadn't had his hand caught in the cookie jar and had a bunch of wins vacated. I remember at one point he was going to retire back in 2015 so maybe his enthusiasm has waned a bit.
  7. MisterLucky

    4-Star JP Estrella High on Hawkeye Basketball

    A six hour haul in the middle of winter is not easy trip. J.P. himself said that the distance from home to the school would not be a determining factor.
  8. MisterLucky

    4-Star JP Estrella High on Hawkeye Basketball

    Given everything I've read about how much he enjoyed his Iowa visit, Syracuse is going to have to really blow him away to lure him there. For once, I actually think we are going to win this battle and Mr. Estrella will look great in the Black and Gold!
  9. MisterLucky

    Luka Garza update

    I still think Luka could earn a spot on a NBA roster if a team is looking for a high character, hard working kid who can come in and give them ten minutes or so of quality play which includes the ability to knock down threes. If he wants a real basketball career though, I think he is going to...
  10. MisterLucky

    Official 2022 Cubs Baseball Thread

    Wow, the silence on this board is incredible. The Cubs, and thus this board, have always had a following, whether they be horrible, as in this year, or decent as they were just a few years ago. Either Cub fans have abandoned them (hard to believe), or perhaps baseball in general, which I guess...
  11. MisterLucky

    4-Star JP Estrella High on Hawkeye Basketball

    Saban didn't exactly kill it when he was at Michigan St.
  12. MisterLucky

    Official 2022 Cubs Baseball Thread

    I've been away from this board for awhile and was surprised, upon returning, that no one even started this thread. I realize the Cubs are in another transition, but surely there is some interest in the team. Or maybe not. I no longer get the Marquee Channels so I rarely get to see my beloved...
  13. MisterLucky


    Barnes was the overall 7th pick in 2012 taken by the Warriors.
  14. MisterLucky

    An Early Look at '22-23 Iowa Basketball

    As usual, the pundits will pick Iowa to finish 9th-10th in the league and somehow McCaffery will get them into the upper half. Don't know how he will do it this year unless Kris just explodes like Keegan did last year. Perkins appeared to finally be turning it on at the end of last season and...
  15. MisterLucky


    Of course. Well, the Reds seem to be the only team this diminished Cub team can beat this year, so maybe by next year they will have added a few pieces to bring them up a notch. C'mon Ricketts, you promised to raise the Cubs to the elite level, not just one or two years. Open that wallet and...
  16. MisterLucky


    After this year's Field of Dreams game, which I thought was the greatest commercial for MLB that could have been produced (highest rated baseball game in 16 years), I pray they don't sully the event by trotting out this substandard Cubs team, despite their popularity. It would be a travesty to...
  17. MisterLucky

    Way too early Men's Bball poll

    I hope you're being sarcastic. I seriously doubt that any sentiments expressed on this board are affecting Joe Lunardi in any sense.
  18. MisterLucky

    JBo Attacker.....a former Cyclone???

    A New Clone Hero!
  19. MisterLucky


    Saw an interview with Ricketts yesterday and he was assuring Cub fans that this rebuild will be nothing like the last. He expects to be in the playoffs in two years and a World Series soon after. He as an abundance of faith in Hoyer. Time will tell. I've been a Cub fan all my long life and I...
  20. MisterLucky


    If you're a true blue, long time Cub fan, you will expect all four of these guys to rejuvenate their careers and have good seasons for their new teams. Meanwhile, everyone they got back in the trades will be in the minors or out of baseball altogether in a year or so.