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    GFY. Fran has this team getting better every year
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    After Attending the Game on Sunday, Here's Some Thoughts and Observations

    You can be loud without standing up the whole game. Standing up ruins the game for old people and kids. Sitting down doesn't ruin the game for anybody. Everybody is cheering for the same team be courteous to the people behind you.
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    Micah Hyde

    Who the F is djk?
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    Music at Kinnick
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    Music at Kinnick
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    Supporting Ferentz - change your mind?

    I hope he stays for a long time.
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    VanLaere: Huge Excitement Tempered with a Splash of Realism (MBB Season Preview)

    What are your individual predictions? Do you see White or Marble being named All B1G? What do you expect out of Jok and Uthoff? Great write up except for that cell phone picture you attached.
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    Ferentz suspended 1 game, university fined

    Youth tackle football should be canceled all together. Repeated hits cause brain injuries that change the personalities of the injured for the rest of their lives. Also, this thread title sucks.
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    Iowa Football: Position-by-Position Spring Practice Preview (Bleacherreport)

    I'm ready for at least two years of exciting play at the QB position. We have plenty of options to pick from. Thats the only thing I see that could prevent this team from at least being entertaining.
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    Y Back

    Cool link! It lead me to this description of the ideal TE by Bill Walsh in 1997 where he predicts Tony Gonzalez will end up in the HOF. TIGHT END
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    Do we need to worry about Marble going pro now?

    He's going to come back to be the first B1G POY from Iowa. Even though B1G POY isn't much of an indicator for NBA Success: 1995–96 Brian Evans 1996–97 Bobby Jackson[a] 1997–98 Mateen Cleaves 1998–99† Mateen Cleaves (2) 1998–99† Scoonie Penn 1999–00† A...
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    Y Back

    Is this a Patriots influence coming from Brian or something GD has used in the past?
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    Tracking 2014 Class Offers

    Iowa offers in state offensive tackle Lucas LeGrand. Video/twitter/profile
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    Tracking 2014 Class Offers

    This link has a video and an article about Nelson Matt Nelson Gets Iowa Offer The article mentions interest from Alabama & Oregon
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    How about McCabe v Stony Brook

    10min 3-5 Shooting, 8 points, and 3 fouls. Very efficient tonight!
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    4 Alabama players arrested for robbery

    These guys would rather be chief keef than Adrian Peterson.
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    Kirk Ferentz, family in middle of land development dispute in Johnson County

    This is going to create jobs and provide homes for the community. Nothing is forever and the only constant is change Mary.
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    sad news for wrestling fans

    I agree with point 9 above that this is a tremendous opportunity to grow the sport. I think it's a great cause for Iowans and the entire international wrestling community to get united behind.
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    Next Year's QB

    It has to be hard to compete when pre-med requires so much time. He probably has organic chemistry, biology and anatomy to memorize with required lab time and lab reports due every week. To be the best QB he'd have to pull it off in a fraction of time the other guys have.