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    Luka Garza, Joe Wieskamp Invited to NBA Draft Combine

    This is what I was thinking with watching Huerter play well. Duncan Robinson is another one that is comparable. Shooting is a bigger deal in NBA than it used to be. I think JW will have a good pro career. His athleticism with vertical certainly doesn't hurt him at all.
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    CJF Signs with Kentucky

    I think this does make some sense for Fran to look for. Look at Juzang at Kentucky going to UCLA. I don't know if he left because of playing time or closer to home. The weird thing is even blue bloods are losing people who got playing time. 5 star guys. Ulis played 2 years and went pro at...
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    Iowa Basketball lands Filip Rebraca Commitment

    Glad to hear this. He seems legit and has size with outside shooting. I think our press this next year could be a problem for some teams. Our defense is going to need to create some baskets.
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    CJ Fredrick

    I honestly think Fran felt like he had a relationship with this family and uncle. Then got blindsided and Fran is smart enough to know that someone recruited one of his starting guards. Best of luck to CJ. I really enjoyed watching him. Hope the injuries don't continue. I just assume it is...
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    CJ Fredrick

    CJ is a big loss. Not sure where some are acting like he is limited on offense. He had a very good overall game. Kentucky had 0 shooting from outside this year. I think that is where he will land. To me he is a poor man Tyler Herro and I'm sure Kentucky sold him on being Tyler 2.0. Even though...
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    Wiescamp staying or leaving?

    I'm not sure why he wouldn't go. He would be able to be on a team in the G league as worst case scenario. He already got his degree which sounds to me like it is time to move up a step for competition. Closer to his dream of playing in the NBA. College basketball isn't the platform for kids...
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    Expectations for Sandfort and Mulvey?

    I don't have huge expectations for either like most freshman. Mulvey might have to play some minutes because of need. Hopefully he can rebound, screen, and block a few shots. He might be tough out of a pick n roll to the basket with our guards. If Sandfort can play a similar role of Baer/Murray...
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    Riley Mulvey Reclassifies to ‘21

    Syracuse had offer. Michigan and Kansas also were getting interested. 6'11' 230 isn't that small for his age. Only read a little bit about him and I'm not sure why we aren't more excited about him? Sounds like his parents have ties to Sienna and Fran knew them.
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    Lunardi sees us losing in second round game to Ducks

    Oregon has a guard predicted to be drafted first round who shoots 43% from 3 and averages almost 2 steals per game. Duarte is his name. I haven't watched any of the games, but NBA means he is athletic. We need to continue to fight like hell on the defensive end. That is what will take the Hawks...
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    Story: Big Dance Extra Special for McCaffery Family

    That was a good read.
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    Well we didn't win the BT Championship,

    I agree on that one. I've been excited about the season and where we ended up. We have one of those teams that if we get hot shooting we can beat anyone. The defense has improved. Never going to be our strength, but good enough to beat most teams. Now it becomes critical to be locked in...
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    Nebraska over Rutgers by 21

    Nebraska was up by 30 at one point. Rutgers looked sluggish and like they didn't care to be there. I didn't see the start of the game. Just end of 1st half and 2nd half start until the game was gone. I've seen Nebraska play a couple of other times with Allen and he seemed to be the offense...
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    AP #9

    I like the going big approach to trouble their guards with post ups. Only problem is that high ball screen will be even harder to defend. That is my biggest concern regardless of anyone that is in. I would still like to see that some. Might be able to get guards in foul trouble. Connor is a good...
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    Michigan Class of Big Ten

    10-13 from 3 to start the game against Ohio State. They can shoot and have a big guy that is stud. They are very similar team to us with the difference of a probing point guard and better defense. Brown is a really good defender. I'm worried about our defense in pick in roll action. They run it...
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    Thanks for everything JBO but....

    This smells like bait, but I'll bite. I feel like his defense has been better as of late. Simple things like going over top the screener instead of underneath. Touissant got in and went under a screen on Trice and he nailed a 3. Jbo has a better understanding of what needs to happen. No mental...
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    The D

    Defense in general has been better and the man to man has been much better. I like that they are going with that more often for rebounding. As far as tournament and any other time, defense is always more dependable than offense. Offense can be more of a wild card where a team can get hot or...
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    State of Michigan State Basketball

    I've been wondering this most of the year. If this class of 4-5 stars just aren't that elite or if it has anything to do with not having crowds. All of those home games are much easier for teams coming into play them this year with no crowds. I think a combination of both and like seeing it.
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    What's the motivation going forward?

    This hasn't been a great season yet, but that can change. We are ranked 15 and it feels like a huge letdown. I guess it is good we are at a point where expectations aren't about just being ranked.
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    Joe T. Played 7 minutes. Connor played 27

    I would guess because we were getting hammered on the boards. Lot of long rebounds we were missing. Harder out of a zone to rebound. Our guards need to rebound. I still think Joe T and Perkins should have been in the game more for defense. I think it is hard for a player to have confidence when...