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  1. IATrainMaster101

    Still high on this yound team

    1. Loss of Jok will not kill this team next year. He's a great player but this group of young players will have more experience, more development and more opportunities to create and show their abilities. Points will still come, and defense will likely improve with experience. They seem to hang...
  2. IATrainMaster101

    Ed Hinkel Career Highlight Video

    Loved it!!! Thank you.
  3. IATrainMaster101

    Fantasy Matchup: This Year's Hawks Vs. 1986-87 Team

    Different era different game. Time warp the 86 team to today and they get beat silly by the 3 point game - see 1987 ( I think cal riverside vs Iowa) and multiply it by 5. Raise that team in today's environment and you have a blow out the other way. Imagine Roy Marble sr, Gamble, BJ coming...
  4. IATrainMaster101

    Iowa was #22 all time and #24 all time

    I can only provide a Rick Roll link at this time.
  5. IATrainMaster101

    Iowa Bill Targets Standford Band

    Stupid, embarrassing waste of time and money.
  6. IATrainMaster101

    A Jackson

    When it comes to recruiting and stars, I have always viewed it as 5 stars = most ready to play day 1. 2 stars = most development / growth time needed. Ceiling = 30% natural ability 70% work ethic and desire. I believe this is true across the board as far as positions go, but admittedly a...
  7. IATrainMaster101

    Iowa was #22 all time and #24 all time

    You would have to check the "Only 89 teams ranked in top 104 in both sports" thread.
  8. IATrainMaster101

    All-McCaffery Team - Who do you have?

    This years team as is would beat up any of the previously mentioned. Marble may be a better player than Clemmons or Gessell but the touches he took away from Jok, Uthoff, Woodbury, Clemmons and company would result in more one and done possessions IMHO. In terms of placing a real team on the...
  9. IATrainMaster101

    Where do Uthoff & Gesell rank among best players in Iowa history?

    Gesell behind Horner somewhere in the 8-10 PG. Uthoff career wise probably the same, but this season ranks as one of the best single seasons of any Hawkeye that comes to mind. Ahead of Reggie Evans Andre Woolridge, behind Lester.
  10. IATrainMaster101

    Fact or Fiction....Will Iowa become the #1 team some time in the regular season?

    Agree mostly. This team feels like a dangerous top 10 team in a year that no one wants to claim it. As far as Marble/BJ ect.. I look at it like this; If you time warped those players into today's game, BJ, maybe Gamble make rosters... Maybe. If you time warp them at birth and develop them like...
  11. IATrainMaster101

    Fact or Fiction....Will Iowa become the #1 team some time in the regular season?

    Actually: Roy Marble- Atlanta Hawks BJ Armstrong - Chicago Bulls Ed Horton- Washington Bullets Brad Lohaus- Boston Celtics Kevin Gamble- Boston Celtics Bill Jones- New Jersey Nets- brief stint Les Jepsen- Golden State Warriors Gerrt Wright- Went to the Air Force played home games for CBA...
  12. IATrainMaster101

    Iowa #9 In Both Polls

    About right
  13. IATrainMaster101

    Woody's missed dunk

    Anybody here remember Guy Rucker? 6'11" seemed to miss a dunk just about every game. Eddie Horton was another, couldn't dunk in any kind of traffic and missed more than I ever remember him making. Huge impact player though, Life as a G, not as much.
  14. IATrainMaster101

    How do you feel

    I'm extremely excited. I don't think it's a must win at all but a win would be huge. If Iowa looses and goes on another streak next year get ready for the dialogue to circulate around the 2 end of season losses. With that said, I'm confident Iowa wins and looks good doing so. I also think...
  15. IATrainMaster101

    Knock Cooks block off...

    I'm sorry but if a kid picks his school based on a win or a loss then I'm not sure he has the mental fortitude to be an impact player regardless of talent. Iowa and MSU were both NC contenders this year and look to be solid again next year.
  16. IATrainMaster101

    Knock Cooks block off...

    Can't get behind this line of thinking. To root for MSU to lose is to root for Saban and his current SEC program to beat a B10 program. I'm not an MSU fan any other time than bowl season. I wouldn't care if it was OJ Simpson playing QB, I would want to see Bama get lit up.
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    Roll Call... Who is driving to Pasadena??

    Leaving Wednesday night after work. Just got tickets!!!
  18. IATrainMaster101

    Knock Cooks block off...

    F... Alabama!
  19. IATrainMaster101

    Sorry to make you cry on Christmas

    Really cool. Thanks for posting.