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    Meaningful new tradition.

    I remember when Hawkeye Nation used to be a place where fans of all opinions could relate and discuss topics. Maybe this is just a sign of the times we live in.
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    Meaningful new tradition.

    I am only suggesting a more impactful demonstration/statement. Something which could stand out and draw more attention to the cause. How often does anyone ever see the National Anthem for college football? Now, how many people have seen the "WAVE" televised after the 1st quarter? In fact...
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    Meaningful new tradition.

    I am behind the players wanting to somehow show unity for racial justice. In order to be meaningful, it should be something to stand on it's own and not be linked to the National Anthem. My thought is for Iowa to enter stadium in "the swarm" and go to the 50 yard line. There they will be...
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    Tom Brady next Michigan Head Coach?$large.jpg If it is true that Harbaugh is working on an exit strategy, and now Tom Brady is uncertain regarding his plans beyond this year, is it possible that Tom Brady could be considering taking the Head coaching job at Michigan...
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    !*****Official 'Choo-Choo' Game Thread*****!

    Iowa... Place Kicker U
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    Illinois is still winnable

    but the rest of the schedule is in question. I will have to favor Purdue at home over Iowa. I hate to say this but I think Northwestern will be more than up for Iowa with a chance to win the West. Nebraska will see this Hawkeye game as the only Bowl game they get and a nice springboard into...
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    Next Head Coach at Iowa.

    Now you have put a finger on a major problem at Iowa. Recruiting 4 and 5 star players to a program such as Iowa should not be as difficult as many believe it to be. I think we have conditioned our mindset to say that Iowa simply cannot get these players. Look what Our coaching staff has done...
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    Next Head Coach at Iowa.

    I guess you are right. How silly of me to think that a successful coach in Florida could have continued success in The Big 10. Maybe somebody should inform Urban Meyer.
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    Next Head Coach at Iowa.

    I think you need to distinguish between Frost as a coach and Frost as a fit in the Nebraska system. At UCF, Frost went from a 6-7 record in 2016 to 13-0 with a Peach Bowl win in 2017. He has the talent but is not a good fit at Nebraska. I think Iowa affords him the ability to to be a top...
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    Next Head Coach at Iowa.

    The time of Kirk as Head coach is nearing an end. Everyone presumes Brian to be the heir-apparent. I believe the choice for the new head man takes us a few hundred miles West of Iowa City. Scott Frost is a great coach. He is not a good fit for The Huskers. The more losses that accrue in...
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    !*****Official 'The Indomitable B1G West Showdown' Game Thread*****!

    Not worried. Iowa moved the ball effectively and Fant never touched the ball.
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    Remember that Scene in ROCKY II

    When Mickey handed Rocky the bucket of spit and said "Carry this because I liked ya better when ya was carrying spit" ? Well that is how I feel about this years team. Mickey said he had the talent to be a great fighter but he was training like a damn bum. This team has the talent to be BIG10...
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    Does Brian F. get promoted to OC after the Rose Bowl???

    Surprised to see my post from last year getting traffic again. The Coaching staff in general is a mess. The one thing that Fry did was hire coaches that had a desire to be head coaches. He wouldn't hire a coach unless they had the desire. Ferentz hires coaches at the end of their career...
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    Season win update...

    Based on what we have seen thus far and looking at the remaining schedule, I don't see six wins for Iowa. I have always been an optimist concerning the Hawkeyes but the Realism for this year has taken over. I see possible wins against Purdue and Illinois. I said Possible and not sure things...
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    Does Brian F. get promoted to OC after the Rose Bowl???

    Considering the fact that Kirk was the O-line coach under Fry and in the NFLand has always prided himself in his O-line, I would think that he still remains very O-line oriented. That being said, Brian did have responsibilities to make adjustments but for some reason that was not done. Brian...
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    Does Brian F. get promoted to OC after the Rose Bowl???

    I am not sure what the breakdown of responsibilities are with Kirk and his coaches, but when you talk schemes I believe that falls on the OC. For Iowa, that would be Greg Davis. The O-line under Brian was dominated but to a large extent this was due to the play calling and scheme of Greg...
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    Does Brian F. get promoted to OC after the Rose Bowl???

    If Kirk decides that Greg Davis must go then Brian is the only logical choice. With those returning players already having a connection to Brian it makes no sense to me at all to bring in an outsider. With all the coaching vacancies that may be filled with OC's looking to move up, it becomes...
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    Does Brian F. get promoted to OC after the Rose Bowl???

    Have to bring this one back open for discussion post Rose Bowl. Iowa clearly was lacking in Offensive Scheme in the last 2 games. Helpless in the Rose Bowl. Is now a good time to let an eager Brian F. loose with the Offense? Definitely in need of new life in that department.
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    Ok....truth serum time

    I love Iowa and loved this season as much as 1981. Never did I think that this team was actually deserving of a top 5 ranking but it was fun to see unfold. I think that most Hawkeye fans would agree with this. To make Kirk and the coaches the scapegoats now or at anytime seems unfair. A...
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    Knock Cooks block off...

    [/B] Attitude reflects leadership. Never have liked Dantonio. I could never imagine Kirk or Fry acting the way Dantonio did after the BIG Championship game had they won. Makes me really appreciate the caliber of Men who have led the Hawkeye Football Program the last 36 years. I am always...