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  1. Blackhawk33

    Who Would You Rather Call An Iowa Game?

    D. Chris Hassel and Jon Miller
  2. Blackhawk33

    Music Thread

    Good way to start a tailgate at 7 A.M.:
  3. Blackhawk33

    New Tradition

    This is why it would have to be cued by a song. No PA announcer, no corporate sponsors, no list of names. Just a song blasted through the stadium to signal it is time to turn to the children and wave. Maybe a hint on the video boards: Something like TURN AND WAVE.
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    B1G Bowl Podcast re: Star Wars discussion (spoiler alert!!!)

    Welcome to Star Wars, sincerely, 1977.
  5. Blackhawk33

    Better than Jump Around?

    Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys - When it gets to the chorus, everybody can do the robot.
  6. Blackhawk33

    What Is This Obsession With Brett Bielema?

    Many of these are valid points, but still, it's hard for me to get past the d0uche-factor.
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    Ferentz vs Fry: Some Numbers

    With most teams, you'd probably be right, apples to oranges. But Iowa is a bit of an anomaly when it comes to the modern bowl era. Fry had a six-win season twice in his Iowa career. Once in 1988, and once in 1993. Both times Iowa went to a bowl game. The Peach Bowl in '88 and the Alamo Bowl in...
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    Ferentz vs Fry: Some Numbers

    Yeah, it is interesting that the only time Iowa didn't go to a bowl game with at least 6 wins, was under Ferentz in 2007, AFTER the big bowl boom.
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    Ferentz vs Fry: Some Numbers

    Hayden Fry's record at Iowa: 143-89-6 (62% win) Kirk Ferentz's record at Iowa: 115-84 (58% win) WINNER: FRY Fry's Big Ten record: 96-61-5 (61% win) Ferentz's Big Ten record: 68-60 (53% win) WINNER: FRY Fry's bowl appearances: 14/20 (70%) Ferentz's bowl appearances: 12/16 (75%)...
  10. Blackhawk33

    Tailgating On Saturday

    Lot 33, probably surrounded by Gopher fans. They're pretty pumped about their team this year.
  11. Blackhawk33

    After Attending the Game on Sunday, Here's Some Thoughts and Observations

    I think it's the fact that there are a million other songs to pick from is what bothers me about it. It just seems lazy and uninformed to use that song.
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    After Attending the Game on Sunday, Here's Some Thoughts and Observations

    Agreed, the student section is SUPPOSED to be the loudest section, but I think the seating assignments for the students has a lot to do with them not being able to sustain the jumping up and down "oooooooooooh..." thing when we are on defense. I mean, the designated section is only at one end of...
  13. Blackhawk33

    After Attending the Game on Sunday, Here's Some Thoughts and Observations

    I'll take Neil Young over Neil Diamond any dang day. Maybe they should play some "Heart of GOLD"?
  14. Blackhawk33

    After Attending the Game on Sunday, Here's Some Thoughts and Observations

    Some of the quietness on TV as it relates to the student section, may have a lot to do with where the student section is, and where the broadcasting crew places their nat mics. But I assure you, the student section was the loudest section by far, and it wasn't even close.
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    After Attending the Game on Sunday, Here's Some Thoughts and Observations

    COPYING LITTLE BROTHER: This was before the game started, and this was by far the most disappointing aspect of my experience at CHA this time around, but the Iowa Band played, I kid you not, “Sweet Caroline.” The rumors are true. How this can happen, I do not know. But somebody with some kind of...
  16. Blackhawk33

    How to recruit 4 and 5 star athletes at Iowa

    Male enrollment: 44% - Female enrollment: 56%
  17. Blackhawk33

    Miller: Ferentz 'Dead Serious' ; Is He Dead Wrong?

    Maybe Ferentz is saying this because he wants the opposing team to think there is no need to try a fake punt now, thus eliminating the possibility of getting fooled again by fooling the fooler. Genius, Ferentz. Genius.
  18. Blackhawk33

    Iowa Walk-on LB Dalton Schaull Injured in Moped Accident

    Late to the party, but whatever: [/URL][/IMG]
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    @ Minnesota parking/tailgating

    Went to the game in 2011 with a group of six. We paid a little extra and got parking passes for the Minnesota Season Ticket Holder / Donor Lot, literally located right up against the stadium. Got there super early, expecting catch hell as we fought our way through the Gopher fans for a good...
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    Since our team stinks, I want to talk about uniforms

    I agree, those uniforms are #1. Like you said, though, definitely change the numbers on the helmet to a black tigerhawk. The tigerhawk is iconic, and should never change. But the uniform is not iconic. If the Hawkeyes were the Pittsburgh Steelers then they would be iconic, and unchangable. And...