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    iowa vs psu next year

    165 Taylor is not moving up. He is walking around at about 168 from what I've been told. 165 is too easy for him to make. 174 Brown 184 Ruth (he said he was done at 174 for good) 197 Wright Hwt I believe they are getting a transfer here the name escapes me right now.
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    Jaleel Tweet

    Who is the "kurt" you speak of?
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    Roll call for wrastlin!

    I'm in!
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    New Dan Gable poster

    Bravo Sports Marketing Just ordered mine $13.00 with shipping
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    Sweetest Iowa Autograph You Have?

    Dan Gable, Tom and Terry Brands
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    Kinnick cell phone coverage

    Right now industry wide both Verizon and AT&T will be expecting around 6-10 MB/s on a loaded network. while 4G will help with data speeds its not going to help at all on voice. currently no LTE serivce is providing voice calls; all voice calls are being made on the 3G networks.
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    Kinnick cell phone coverage

    he said he had no coverage. And yes I know the difference I am an engineer for AT&T.
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    Kinnick cell phone coverage

    Funny I was there on saturday for Kids day and i had 4 bars in the concourse and 5 bars in the stadium. On a AT&T andriod phone
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    Sign Here: Get Well Card for Dolph

    Get well soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
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    Cayle Beyers

    FYI, Byers is enrolled at Oklahoma State
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    Tell me about Byers

    Cayle Byers (George Mason) Year: Junior (RS) Weight Class: 197 LBS Hometown: Chugiak, Alaska Accomplishments: CAA: 2009 Champ, 2008 3rd Place NCAA: 2009 Qualifier, 2008 Qualifier Career Record: 2010-11 Results: 1. Cayle Byers FFT (Edinboro) 1-0 2...
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    IOWA NCAA Wrestling Breakdown by Weight

    I don't think Molinaro makes the finals; Lavalley, Dake or Chamberlain all are hunt for the finals
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    141 is probably the toughest weight class in the B10's maybe the toughest weight in the country. Comes down to a lack luster semi round. @ 184 Wright upsetting Rutt was the difference in the tourney.
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    Pac 10 tournament

    He was hurt at the beginning of the year(back) and sat out until National Duals and then hurt his knee 2 weeks ago and medical fft to Perry from Oklahoma State.
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    Cayle Byers

    2010-11 Results: 1. Cayle Byers FFT (Edinboro) 1-0 2. Cayle Byers Fall Travis Stem (Lock Haven) 6:31 2-0 3. Cayle Byers Dec Chris Penny (Virginia Tech) 9-4 3-0 4. Cayle Byers Maj Kelby Smith (The Citadel) 12-3 4-0 5. Cayle Byers Maj Chance Rauscher (Navy) 19-9 5-0 6. Cayle Byers...
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    Cayle Byers

    I'd been hearing about Byers for 2 weeks; he's talented and I'm hoping he just needs a change of scenery. He was ranked top 3 before he got into trouble. He redshirted last year due to an injury; I believe a shoulder.
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    Iowa City Duals Thread

    I will be there I took the day off as well
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    All-Star Classic matchups

    They try to get all the top guys. If they turn down the invite they go to the next guy on the list.
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    All-Star Classic matchups

    45th-Annual NWCA All-Star Classic Presented by The U.S. Marines Match Lineup 125: #3 Zach Sanders, Jr. (Minnesota) vs. #5 Anthony Robles, Sr. (Arizona State) 133: #1 Jordan Oliver, So. (Oklahoma St.) vs. #2 Andrew Hochstrasser, Sr. (Boise St.) 141: #3 Zack Bailey, Sr. (Oklahoma) vs. #5 Germane...
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    Bye week Hawkeye names

    Not Football but.....Mark Ironside