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    Looking at Iowa Football Player Representation, Retention Since '09

    Yes Rob, and you are part of the problem. Look around and actually OPEN YOUR EYES! I'm done with you and your political website. Enjoy.
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    Lose Kirk this program is headed for the dumpster

    I love Kirk and his entire staff. All of this is overblown. Some wrong things said, yes, but for fucks sake people... you all sound like the whiny generation of kids. Sick of your ignorance.
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    Howe: Iowa Football Must Address Former Players Speaking Out

    You people are insane. Good bye.
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    Florida CB Jordan Oladokun Has Hawkeyes Among Top Schools

    Never mind. I just read the other thread in the football forum. I'd say he's gone unless he waits to officially visit.
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    Florida CB Jordan Oladokun Has Hawkeyes Among Top Schools

    Rob, He committed without having ever visited Iowa City, then decommitted. And now, he will announce again on June 21st? Will he even be able to get his visit to IC by then? Because if he doesn't, I don't think he will be recommitting to the Hawks.
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    Skyler Bell Pushes Back Commitment Date

    There were some serious hotties on that show. Damn.
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    Howe: Craving Answers During Pandemic Creating Mixed Messages

    Awesome peice of writing there, Rob. Really well done. That should get some national exposure.
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    Liam Robbins transferring from Drake

    Honestly, the first thing I thought when I saw he was transferring was that Cordel Pemsl should transfer to Drake. He should be able to start immediately. And, of course, Liam should come to Iowa, redshirt and learn from Luka, then become a rockstar replacement of Luka in 2021. Crazy times...
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    Are you personally worried about getting the Coronavirus?

    Well, shit. That's not good.
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    How many people get flu shots as another example

    I used to get flu shots in the 90's... and I got the flu every single year. Every year! Since stopping that madness, I've only gotten the flu once in the last 23 years. I don't know if it's just coincidental, but its proof enough to me to just not get the damn shot. And I don't preach about at...
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    Hawkeyes Invited to Combine

    Man, Ohio St has 11 players going to the combine. LSU has 16 players invited.! Holy shit! No wonder they won it all! Can you imagine having that kind of talent on a team?
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    Toussaint / Fredrick Backcourt

    But he missed soooooo many lay UPS. He'd drive into the lane and just bounce the ball off the backboard for a miss. It drove me crazy. Game ending, final seconds, you just new the play was called for Gessell to take the last shot. He'd fly by his defender with ease, but miss the...
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    Toussaint / Fredrick Backcourt

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    Hawkeyes only B10 team with winning away record

    Man, I wish we had that Nebraska game back. That one could haunt us.
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    I missed the game. I can't believe Joe W went 1 for 10 from deep. But I'm sure that's Frans fault. Also, can't believe we only got 5 shots from the charity stripe and Neb got 26? Fran's fault again!? As a team, 4 of 33 from deep? Pffff... freaking Fran! F-off OP
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    Howe: Hawkeye Football All-Decade Team

    Great read, Rob! Man, we've had some great players this decade. And as far as James Morris goes, he had a great Senior year.. and we really missed him when he graduated.
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    Top Five Plays of 2019

    Nate was awesome this year on 3rd and way longs. I'm not sure we've ever seen that kind of performance so many times from an Iowa qb under Ferentz. Nate has a lot of good qualities that we'll miss for sure.
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    QB Sneak Stanley appreciation thread

    Exactly. I've never seen it before. It is easily Nate's best play and I'll ALWAYS remember him for that. I doubt we'll ever see it executed so well again, and we're going to miss it.
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    Stand-up Tight Ends

    Also, Hayden had had removed the Tiger Hawk twice before to honor someone close to the Hawkeye family that had passed. I'm good with it.
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    Did somebody say Rocky Balboa