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    Garret Jansen flips from Cincinnati to Iowa

    I agree with what your saying. He needs to step it up big time, but I hope he gets booted before that happens. I am just saying that we can't knock completely the Jansens of the recruiting world. I definitely love to get the 3,4,5 star players.
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    Garret Jansen flips from Cincinnati to Iowa

    Just a little observation coming from a fan for life regardless. I have noticed that UNI has really played Iowa tough. This is the same UNI teams that are mostly filled with Iowa kids that never got a scholarship from Iowa or the clowns. They usually are talented kids that we missed and want to...
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    Bohannon and Washpun

    ^ This
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    Bohannon and Washpun

    Ellingson is a good shooter who can probably do the same thing Lohaus does. The thing with these kids like Lohaus is, they want to stick to the big boys who never gave them a chance. Iowa overlooked Lahaus and he along with Bohannon and Washpun wanted to make a statement. Even then, 54 points...
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    This team is a BEAT team!

    why isn't Brady Ellingson playing? He seems to be a good shooter who shoots with confidence and nice form.
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    but feel that a major change needs to happen.
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    Foster Farms Bowl

    That makes it more suitable for Iowa to be playing in that piece of crap of a bowl game.
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    This is exactly why KF should be done!

    Its time for the donors and boosters to call for a meeting and pay for a miracle buy out. Instead of the salvation army have an annual drive like usual, they need to have a drive for the buying out of KF. Some how, some way it needs to happen.
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    Can Iowa afford to buyout Ferentz contract

    Why does it have to be Kirk? Why can't we try again on the O-coordinator. It won't cost as much to get rid of a more reasonable problem. I know that Kirk has been stubborn and the major problem, but I for one believe that if you get rid of Davis and try someone that has a whole different concept...
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    In order to win the Hawks need to:

    get the ball into their play makers. Powell- obvious speed who gets yards after catch. Smith- decent speed, a true play maker who also gets yards after catch, Parker- new comer with tremendous speed who for the most part gets productive yards when touches the ball. Weisman- needs at least 25-30...
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    I am out!!!!!!

    I will admit that I am one that keeps coming back every week they play. Only because I love the Hawkeyes as a program. I too have been a fan for at least 38 years (remembering). Do i like Kirk and the state of the program? The answer, probably not, but I am going to support the Hawks. All...
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    Teams best interest

    Here is what Kirk is good at during the game. 1. chewing his gum. 2. Taking notes. 3. looking stoic. As of late going for it on 4th down, but lacking faith in his kickers, which by all means I understand why. His hair dosn't mess up much. He must put a lot of hairspray on it. What else have I...
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    Positives taken from today.

    But my Royals are in. :D
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    Coaching clinic practice thoughts

    Much agree! Plus they found ways to utilize the play-making guys. It dose not hurt that they played smart too.
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    What channel is it gonna be on ?

    Someone have a link for online? Cable isn't working all sudden. I need to watch it on computer
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    Iowa Hires Two New Football Coaches

    The name slips my mind, but isn't the one time Grambling St. head coach among tops in wins? Robbison.
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    Iowa Hires Two New Football Coaches

    A short while of go, I was listening to Collin Cowherd make reference that kids these days want to be attracted to coaches by their personality. However, he did state that good looking coaches bring a better appealing to the table. Especially to the parents. Though it is little percentage on the...
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    Tracking 2013 Class Offers

    Jumper, what do you know about this kid?
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    IOWA vs Penn State Friday

    I don't have cable, can anyone give me the streaming for this meet?
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    Tracking 2013 Class Offers

    I hope the cold dose not effect his decision. It is a brave weekend for him to visit. Jumper do you know if he plans on visiting Texas Tech at all or has he all ready done so considering the fact that he lives in Texas?