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    3 tickets - Iowa vs Iowa State

    DM if interested. Section 18, row 34, seats 24-26.
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    No fullback in starting lineup

    Weisman is all sorts of fullback.
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    Shake - Slow Motion Dog Photography

    Have you guys seen this series of photos? A photographer created a book called "Shake." It is a slow motion capture of different dogs and what they look like mid-shake. I blogged about it and thought I would share it with you. If you don't laugh at these faces, then I am not sure what you would...
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    Hilarious!!! Father's Day Video

    Not sure why you weren't seeing the link above: Happy Father’s Day | Studio 515
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    Hilarious!!! Father's Day Video

    Sorry, about that. the hyperlink on here broke it. FIXED. Enjoy
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    Hilarious!!! Father's Day Video

    This is a great compilation that will make you laugh from beginning to end. Enjoy!
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    Sports Media is controlling.

    I think the NBA is looking to build another Bird, Johnson, Jordan Trio. So you need to have the villain and the hero sort of role. The problem is that there will never be another Jordan, Bird, Magic trio, and the NBA won't ever be as popular with the fans as it was in the 80's and 90's.
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    Site of the Week! Perfect Strangers is Back!

    Hey Guys, just wanted to drop another fun little nugget on ya. I don't have access to the off topic category on the site, so this is the next best category for me to put this into. Anyone know how to get access? Anyway, remember the show Perfect Strangers from the 80's? Well, Larry and...
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    David Stern punks Jim Rome

    This is what we call Karma folks. Jim Rome is always that guy that makes others uncomfortable, Stern put him in his place. Not that I agree with his tact, but I'm glad that David Stern didn't stand for Rome's arrogance.
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    Site of the Week!

    Didn't know what other thread to put this in. Thought this was a cool new site that google came out with. Has some staggering results on how people now use their mobile devices. Anyway, here is a a link to my blog to see it. Cool Site of the Week | Studio 515 Enjoy!
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    Still No Decision from Uthoff

    From what I have heard, Uthoff is trending towards Iowa.
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    Agreed with that. I think refs in the NBA forgot what a travel and a carry call actually is. They are TERRIBLE!
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    Woodbury plans to play locally, even if he lands on USA team

    woodbury is gonna be a beast! Can't teach height