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    Nice Mini Doc on Tony Perkins

    He's definitely had the next level athleticism and high effort, but from all appearances he improved his shooting and all around game this year. I'm no expert but it looks like he has the tools to contribute this season if he learns the system fast enough.
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    The Murray twins’ development?

    I'd love it if it were true, but I read it as him playing coy with the way he phrased it. Everything was about the team and who's coming back next year. The corona virus may have a second round by next winter in which case they could lock everything down again and toss another season down the...
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    Senior Day Spotlight: Ryan Kriener Gave Everything He Had to the Hawkeyes

    It sounds dumb to say, but we haven't had as elite of a dunker since. It's partially athleticism and partially basketball IQ. Cook probably had the similar athleticism, but White's IQ was off the charts. With Toussaint, CJ, and CMac out there, we'd be running them all the time if we had someone...
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    Penn State best team in Big Ten?

    We also took PSU to the wire without CJF for most of it in one of the most challenging venues we’ll play in all year. We’re pretty good too.
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    Rick Brown Joins HN - Here's His 1st Story for Us

    Rob & Rick’s Raucous Round-up
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    Frank the Tank

    But think of when he's getting those FT's. Typically when he's the most tired at the end of the half when he's gotten them into foul trouble.
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    Frank the Tank

    Frank has some fabulous hair.
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    How will Iowa finish the conference regular season?

    And we have Nebraska at home. 4-5 or 5-4 would be pretty solid seasons. 4-5 only requires winning out at home. 5-4 means one road win too. If we can figure out how to win on the road with some consistency, we're not out of the title race because 14-6 likely gets us there. That would require wins...
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    One player can really change your basketball program

    I hope Wieskamp and Garza stay, but if they accomplish their goals this season, they might both go. Splitting some of that offensive burden with Pat, Nunge, and Bohannon will leave them less opportunity to be showcased next year. Don't get me wrong, they'll still be the top dogs, but there are...
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    Is CJ Frederick Taking Enough Shots?

    I think he's been picking up his volume here recently. Over the past 5 games he's been averaging around 10 shots compared to a little over 11 for Wieskamp. He doesn't pass up many looks and is constantly working to get them. I don't want him doing heat checks for the sake of doing heat checks...
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    Any chance at NCAA without JBo?

    So we need to come up with 3-4 road wins and lock down carver with this as our remaining schedule: Wednesday, February 5th: @Purdue (39, Q1) Saturday, February 8th: Nebraska (170, Q4) Thursday, February 13th: @Indiana (51, Q1) Sunday, February 16th: @Minnesota (44, Q1) Thursday, February 20th...
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    Player Over Unders 2019 / 2020

    I believe last year was just a hardware removal after everything was fully healed. Those are done on a case by case basis and a number of surgeons would prefer to just leave it if it isn't causing problems. I think Pemsl had pain and unfortunately I think the pain might not have been from the...
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    C-Mac love

    Exactly. Right now, Connor is shooting right in line with Gesell's career stats giving up a bit on the 2's but hitting more FT's for around 1.1-1.5ppg less than Gesell's Sophomore and Junior years. The rest of his stats are great. Same assists, same steals, less turnovers, more rebounds. And I...
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    Possibly biggest game of the year?

    If I had to wager on it, I'd say 1-3 over the next 4 and 3-3 in the last 6 with the breakdown as expected. Lose to Illinois and win the rest of the home games with good wins over OSU, PSU, and Purdue at home. That puts us at 10-10 and probably a 9-11 seed depending on Big Ten Tournament results...
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    Possibly biggest game of the year?

    February does start tomorrow...
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    Toussaint / Fredrick Backcourt

    He doesn't always, but he has the ability to play faster under control than any of Fran's previous point guards. He absolutely exposed Wisconsin's guards late as there wasn't a single one of them who could stay in front of him. But what I loved most was his defense on the other end. He's an...
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    Is there a single Big 10 player you really don't care for?

    Solid thread revival. So what I’m gathering here is that Brad really likes to touch between other men’s legs? I mean it’s a free country off the court, but not so much on. Also, it’s called consent, Brad. SMH.
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    Joe Toussaint

    Glad to see someone’s not letting a week night get in the way of celebrating victory. In heaven there is no beer after all.
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    Nunge has yet to find his footing at the college level. Kind of like a young Uthoff. And like a young Uthoff, he’ll only improve with experience and get more consistent. I’m not worried about him, he’s just too talented to keep down forever. Things will click and then it will get ugly for...
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    What's our ceiling?

    Have to love the roller coaster to watch Iowa sports.