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  1. TJERanch

    Beginning of The End for Kirk?

    We sit on the press box side and the top sections of the N end zone were spotty at best and near empty after halftime. :confused:
  2. TJERanch

    Some telling offensive stats

    Mansell has not impressed me when he has gotten snaps; I'd rather see Petras back there
  3. TJERanch

    Gold out in Kinnick for slain ISU golfer?

    It was a misprint on the ticket. UofI sent an email out to season ticket holders the week of the game. The blackout game is Northwestern in Nov.
  4. TJERanch

    Urban Meyer knew about 2015 domestic violence

    This is a very detailed report (lengthy but worth the read).... There are text messages between Courtney Smith & Shelley Meyer that imply knowledge and indicate that Shelley was going to tell Urban. Additional texts exchanged between Courtney and another asst coaches wife that indicate Urban...
  5. TJERanch

    Pinstripe vs BC

    And not to mention the flood of people heading that direction for NYE and the added cost that go along with that - no thank you!
  6. TJERanch

    The Booing

    Site says 60% of them are sold o_O
  7. TJERanch

    The Booing

    From the Kinnick Edge site: Complete your seat reservation gift ($1,000 per seat) to guarantee access Seat selection time will be determined by priority points, as calculated on Nov. 15, 2017 Annual contribution: $1,958 per seat + cost of football season ticket First annual gift is due by...
  8. TJERanch

    Joshua Jackson Focused on Season, Says NFL Decision Can Wait

    Precursor - I love the fact that Desmond came back for his Sr. year - but in all reality, wasn't his slide in the draft (at least in some part) attributed to his combine stats? I hear what a lot of Hawks on this forum are saying - but still think it's speculative to assume he would have been a...
  9. TJERanch

    Howe: Wisconsin Puts Hawkeyes Back in Their Place

    You have to laugh - this is funny ;)
  10. TJERanch

    Josh jackson 1 pick from Kinnick's single season interception record

    I suspect you missed the sarcasm... :confused:
  11. TJERanch

    Wide Receivers

    Where the heck is Matt Quarells and why is he not in the rotation!?
  12. TJERanch

    So what has surprised so far

    Surprise party :) QB play - much better than I expected! Our freshman seeing time - both from the standpoint of KF is playing them & they are good, really good! Future is bright with A.J. & Wirfs on the lines! The Outlaw! We pass the ball! Surprise - not the party kind :( O Line! Yards...
  13. TJERanch

    Jacob Park - whats going on?

    Agreed - MN received 15 votes for week 5!?
  14. TJERanch

    NCAA Corruption. Huh, Bruce Pearl?
  15. TJERanch

    Wadley to the Slot?

    He was here for fall camp but I think his arrival might have been a week or so late - I know Rob mentioned it in another thread (at the time) but don't recall exactly how much he missed.
  16. TJERanch

    CTE Facts and Fiction

    My thoughts exactly! While I feel for his family, why are they shunning accountability for many years of playing football onto one team (Patriots)? In all likelihood he played youth football & we know he played HS and college - likely receiving multiple concussions through out his career... I...
  17. TJERanch

    Wadley to the Slot?

    Anyone heard anything on Quarells progress?
  18. TJERanch

    Season Tickets

    We received ours on the 17th & they were the full sheets of tickets like we've received in the past...