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    Mid Season All American Team

    De Jean for points scored and Taylor for moving the ball down the field.
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    Oregon and Washington decided to

    Can't argue that one
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    Oregon and Washington decided to

    Guessing the majority of those losses occurred in the Pacific Time Zone. Plus the FIVE FUMBLE SELLOUT would have been a W. Can't wait to see how the feared west coast teams do in KINNICK, where Top Five Teams come to die!
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    Oregon and Washington decided to

    Yeah that Holiday Bowl ass kicking USC gave the Hawks a couple years ago still hurts...
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    Jack won't be a Hawkeye

    I would guess this is what it is all about. By the time Jack would be a senior Fran will be SEVENTY YEARS OLD. Screw that! Why would he want to put himself through that, versus kicking back and slowing down to enjoy a more stress free life? And just be a parent enjoying from the sidelines...
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    Lauren Betts, come on down

    That is exciting news! Biggest fish in the portal no doubt!
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    Trash talk or poor sportsmanship?

    Although I am sure a player on a winning team has had it out for an opposing player on the other team and rubbed it in afterwards, I have never seen or heard about it. Definitely not on this type of stage. Only thing comes to mind is Brett Beleima telling ISU coach after game how much he...
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    This could be nothing more than a rather brilliant ploy by Proctor to secure a hefty "salary raise" like a coach interviewing for another job he has no intention of taking. If so ya gotta hand it to him for playing the system and say good for you young man. He didn't break any rules. (I hope...
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    C. Vivian Stringer Retires from Coaching

    Nothing but the best to her! She is a class act and was incredible while at Iowa. She may very well have retired here had not the untimely death of her husband occurred. Thanks for putting the Lady Hawks on the map!
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    Amarion Nimmers class of 22 guard commits

    Wow, looks pretty talented! Why the lack of offers
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    Post Open Spring Practice HN Content

    Kudos to him for being a man that doesn't cry and go elsewhere when playing time isn't what he'd like it to be. He will do well in life after football.
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    Jordan Bohannon in 3-Point Contest in New Orleans

    CONGRATS JBO! Hawks own this thing!
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    Joe Toussaint in the Portal

    I agree he was a good Hawkeye. Thanks for venturing out to the cornfields from the BIG City. Always gave all he had. Accepted setbacks without whining. Had his moments. Will miss his bulldog mentality on defense. Hope he finds a good home and does well his last year.
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    Keegan thinking about coming back?

    Just because his dream is to play in the NBA, does him possibly wanting to play another year as a Hawkeye change that in any way? He also grew up dreaming of being a Hawkeye and maybe he doesn't want that dream to end as the nightmare it just was.
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    Keegan thinking about coming back?

    Exactly on point along with previous mentioned reasons. Believe It or not people there is much more to life than money and not everyone's world revolves around it. He will be far from destitute with NIL $ next year. May want to ask Linderbaum if he regrets his decision to return for another...
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    Keegan thinking about coming back?

    That would be the perfect comparison. I remember the elation that gave the fan base.
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    Keegan thinking about coming back?

    I think that had the Hawks had a good run in the tourney he would definitely have left feeling like he fulfilled his goal in a Hawkeye uniform. But this could very well be the catalyst for him to return. He obviously takes great pride in being a life long Hawkeye and to leave after this type...
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    Tony Perkins Hitting Stride

    Nice article. I knew it was a matter of time, he has all the tools!
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    Brown: Putting Keegan Murray's All-B1G Campaign in Perspective

    So happy to have a front row seat for this Hawkeye great. I was just getting started being a Hawk fan when they made the final four and missed most of Lester's career prior to that.
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    Keegan Murray Unanimous All-B1G 1st-Team