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    Basketball Mailbag - send me some questions

    If you were a hot dog, would you eat yourself?
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    Big Ten + ND and that's all

    I love all the speculation going on with this. I actually think the Big 10 may be forced into looking at expansion in a totally different light now that the Pac 10 and Texas have forced people hands. They basically said I'm all in, and now everyone else has to react and quick. I would even...
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    Butler Hoops Team Under Investigation - AP

    Nice find. I thought it was hilarious.
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    Hmm, Pearl he never said no in that video...:)

    Hmm, Pearl he never said no in that video...:)
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    UH OH for UNI!!

    Well, I'm assuming this is the 1st and most likely only time UNI will be on the cover of SI. So good for them!
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    Just listened to a live broadcast (Local Nashville) of Pearl

    Actually, per capita, Iowa sent more soldiers battle than any other state. Not relevant to the thread but just sayin.
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    Damage is done.

    While I somewhat see what you are saying, and could fully see Lick back next year, this would still be marked as the beginning of the end. All you have to do is look at the sheer volume of excitement on the board's when the "rumors" started yesterday. There hasn't been that much excitement...
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    UNI seed

    I really think a 7 is about as good as they could hope for. The Evansville loss last week really got noticed by a lot of people. That gives them 2 bad losses. Some idiots even think that they won't get in if they don't win the MVC tourney. I say at worst they get a 9. Great season though...
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    Sure is quiet on here...

    "us" against "them" type of thing Lot of that going on an message boards lately
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    Sure is quiet on here...

    Congrats on the nice win.