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  1. ChosenChildren

    Kirk Ferentz for B1G COTY

    I think he deserves it considering the injuries to McNamara, Lachey, All, DeJean and Shannon not playing at all. That is 5 of your very best players who missed all or a big chunk of the season.
  2. ChosenChildren


    I have a feeling that the Michigan game is not gonna come down to field goals.
  3. ChosenChildren

    Thankful for Our Moderator

    Go over to the free board at Go Iowa Awesome sometime. It is a cesspool of filthy trolling, petty bickering and fighting, falsehoods, attacks on coaches and players, outright lies, etc. etc. I'm guessing 80% of the posts are either Iowa State or Nebraska fans. Simply disgusting, frankly. I'm...
  4. ChosenChildren

    You know what...I think the OL is good?

    They are improving rapidly. The whole unit. Stay tuned. 3 games to go....this team is playing with house money now.
  5. ChosenChildren

    Lil Debbie and a bowl berth

    It is going to be a very low scoring game. 14-10 or something like that. The Illinois offense scared me a lot more than Nebraska's offense. Just contain the Purdy scrambling, which Phil will do. Iowa can win if we don't turn the ball over.
  6. ChosenChildren

    Bret Isn’t Going To Make 60

    He's a Hawkeye. A good coach. Seems like a good guy; good husband and father. The Illinois fans love him. It is all meaningless if you don't have your health. He needs to drop the weight. It is very, very hard to do.
  7. ChosenChildren

    Rumors Swirling: BF is done.

    Sports Illustrated is reporting it now as well.
  8. ChosenChildren

    How does this Nightmare End?

    Uh, no. If you blame the head coach for the offense, you gotta give him credit for the defense and special teams. Be consistent and logical about it.
  9. ChosenChildren

    How does this Nightmare End?

    We are gonna have to agree to disagree on this one. The rating services know a heck of a lot more about this than we do. Your explanation of a rating service means zero to me. I never said that Iowa plays the strongest schedule in the Big Ten. But right now it is ranked in the top 30% of 130...
  10. ChosenChildren

    Rumors Swirling: BF is done.

    I wonder if McNamara, All and Lachey had stayed healthy, where we would be right now. Any difference?
  11. ChosenChildren

    Rumors Swirling: BF is done.

    Iowa Bar Stool is reporting it
  12. ChosenChildren

    How does this Nightmare End?

    Iowa is not playing a weak schedule. In fact, one of the stronger ones. Check out the Massey and Sagarin rating services. This "weak schedule" narrative is B.S.
  13. ChosenChildren

    Hard to believe...well maybe not....Iowa is in the driver's seat in the West

    Happy for the win. Any victory in Madison should be cherished. I love the kids on this team. After all, it is about the players, not the coaches or fans. They don't construct the offense or make the play calls, they just try to execute what is called. I thought our offensive line and backs were...
  14. ChosenChildren

    The OLine

    The key now will be if teams put 8 or 9 in the box, can we throw it down field a little bit.
  15. ChosenChildren

    The OLine

    The O-Line dominated the filthy Badgers last Saturday. Beat them up. If you eliminate the lost yardage of Hill, we averaged over 5 yards per carry against a stacked box. Very, very impressive. Ran the ball very well against a decent Purdue team as well.
  16. ChosenChildren

    Bowl Game 2023

    Iowa has been so unlucky this year with injuries. If Iowa had McNamara and either Lachey or All healthy, I might agree with you. But all 3 are gone. Maybe the Deacon will improve. He really need to get better for Iowa to get better on offense. It's too bad because the O-Line is really making...
  17. ChosenChildren

    It's the Recruiting, Stupid!

    This is so dumb. Iowa has won over 70% of its games since this original post in 2015. Iowa has 3 4-stars in the next class, all in the top 215. Iowa has 31 players on active NFL rosters, 12th in the country. Iowa's recruiting and player development is fine and probably as good as it has ever...
  18. ChosenChildren

    We are where ...

    Wisconsin is going to blitz Hill over and over again. Get the ball to the tight end and the backs out of the backfield to neutralize the blitz. Pass the ball on running downs and run the ball on passing downs. Give up this idea that we can throw to our receivers. It isn't going to happen...
  19. ChosenChildren

    Caleb Brown MIA

    They should change the punt rule where if a ball hits a player on the punt receiving team accidentally while he is blocking or engaged or has his back to the ball, and is then recovered by the punting team, the punting team gets possession. Such a dumb rule.
  20. ChosenChildren

    Can Iowa Keep Walking This Tightrope?

    It does really make you wonder how good Iowa could have been with just an average offense. Or does the moribund offense fit perfectly with the Parker defensive philosophies? Bend but don't break? It's way beyond my limited knowledge.