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  1. dahlhawk

    Cades influence on other players

    Players move on and get paid. That's the number one recruiting tool Iowa has. Now Iowa needs to work on the O-line and bring in an OC who can bring his QB with him. Hopefully a couple of WRs. too. Most important, need to hire an OC this week and have a transition before bowl practices...
  2. dahlhawk

    Thank you Defense for showing up and playing like a championship defense

    Thought that was awfully funny as well that Fox wouldn't show the replay on the two clips which is usually done after foul calls. There was offsides not called, fumbles not replayed. Since when isn't every potential fumble not reviewed? They always replay them when its against Iowa. Seemed...
  3. dahlhawk

    Iowa Men's Basketball Adds Two

    The biggest concern for the new AD is the lack of enthusiasm and fan support from fans. I see tickets through the Uof I ticket office still available for big games. This will ultimately get a coach fired. Down years happen, waning fan interest kills programs.
  4. dahlhawk

    Bret Isn’t Going To Make 60

    I lost about 65 pounds three years ago and was developing diabetes. I see a guy like Bret and I just want to tell him how much that extra weight is ruining his life, but he already knows that. If he won't do it for himself he needs to do it for the people in his life that love him. I would...
  5. dahlhawk

    Thank you to Brian Ferentz

    Brian really didn't have a chance, but yet he had every chance. If your the boss's son you just are not going to get any credit for anything good you do and get all the criticism when things go wrong. That has been the water all Kirk's OC's have had to carry running his offense. Kirk and...
  6. dahlhawk

    Fran quietly putting together a nice 24 class

    Have your seen the home schedule? Beyond awful. Yes, good for a young team but gonna be some Boring games. Not a ranked team until conference season starts. The road games will be a test. Not going to sell out like the ladies. Unathletic guys shooting 3's and playing bad defense doesn't...
  7. dahlhawk

    Podcast thread

    I like Trent Condon on "Locked on Hawkeyes" and Cory from "Hawkeye of the Storm", especially when he's on Mark Rogers show. Both are Hawkeye fans who happen to have a podcast, but both are professional. Cory has a lot of interviews with future Hawks, I like that. Trent is part of the "Locked...
  8. dahlhawk

    Below average OC until Kirk retires?

    Honestly Iowa needs and OC that will bring some of his guys with him. Need a coach that can be tempted as Kirk's future replacement. I want a guy with head-coaching aspirations. I know, that goes against everything we know about Kirk.
  9. dahlhawk

    Iowa #22 in the CFB playoffs

    Had this argument with a friend. I rank Iowa just outside the 30th best team in America. My friend said: "What about the Defense". Ok, defense is in the top ten. Offense is like 130th. No wins against a top 25 team. Iowa is not a top 25 team. This is to prop up the Big Ten title game...
  10. dahlhawk

    Nick Brooks is gone already

    The more stars on an Iowa recruit the less likelihood he plays at Iowa. A local athlete will just use their home town team as a jump off point or safety net as they weigh the offers coming in. I'm pretty jaded and don't care one bit about a non-signed player and really only worry about...
  11. dahlhawk

    Nick Brooks is gone already

    If losing him is the cost of losing BF, I’ll pay it.
  12. dahlhawk

    Is Kaleb Johnson injured

    If he’s that sick shouldn’t have made the trip. Nobody ever knows about the methodology of the Iowa system. There is a Kirk’s doghouse, outhouse, portal station or what ever you want to call it. It never makes sense
  13. dahlhawk

    Alone in 1st in the West

    Overall Iowa is in 4th place in the Big. Way better than they deserve. The West is deservingly being dissolved. We best enjoy that at least. It’s time to look to the future and let Marco era begin. I don’t really care about the West. I want to see Iowa planning for the future.
  14. dahlhawk

    Iowa still unranked

    And rightly so, unless you are talking Defense. That’s top 10. Offense keeps Iowa out of the top 40.
  15. dahlhawk

    Iowa - Northwestern Game Thread

    At first I thought it was the medical tent until I saw his face. He’s just experimenting now.
  16. dahlhawk

    Iowa - Northwestern Game Thread

    Honestly Kirk just doesn’t seem himself, haven’t seen a smile in quite a while. Looked angry in game and postgame. Got a feeling this is it for him. Could be quietly working on a seamless transition. That’s a really good site, love Cory’s and Don’s perspective.
  17. dahlhawk

    Iowa - Northwestern Game Thread

    Didn’t think the O-line was bad, Hill is just too slow on his progressions and not elusive.
  18. dahlhawk

    Iowa - Northwestern Game Thread

    6 and 8 are too young they have to feed on your energy. Gotta cut it with lots of fun things to create positive associative, if your angry that won’t help.
  19. dahlhawk

    Iowa - Northwestern Game Thread

    Hopefully not
  20. dahlhawk

    Iowa - Northwestern Game Thread

    Minny just shit the bed, ha ha