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    Question: How active is Iowa in the Transfer Portal?

    The problem with the transfer portal and Iowa is the type of systems they run. As much as people say Iowa is vanilla there are really not a lot of programs that do things similarly so the learning curve at some positions can be steep. That being said if you want to maximize on the transfer...
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    Report: Bo Pelini out at LSU

    Pelini has made a nice living not working. Wish I could be that fortunate
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    TA&M or OSU

    Should be 1. Bama 2. Clemson 3. Coastal Carolina 4. Cincinnati this year was the chance for the committee to make a change and award these smaller schools that played many more games and went undefeated. It is blatantly obvious this year more so then the last few years that the draws aren’t...
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    Go Get Lovie Smith As An Assistant Right Now...

    I like Lovie but I think he is too old for HC. How about a recruiter/scout or consultant if he would be willing. Maybe he wants to slow down a little who knows. I would reach out though and see what his vision is
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    Tyler Goodson

    I’ve noticed since day one that he stops moving his feet as he is close to getting hit which causes him to usually go backwards. There have been a few times he will lower his shoulder and deliver a blow but it has typically been in the open field and doesn’t do a lot to the defender. He also...
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    Michigan recruits we targeted.

    Just watched a video on YouTube regarding Michigan and Jimmy’s contract. it is for sure up in the air if Jimmy will be back and a decision could be soon since early signing is coming up. Evidently some recruits have been looking elsewhere and he was asked directly on a recruiting call if he...
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    Even If Nebraska...

    I don’t think they will beat purdue
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    Spencer Petras

    I also think it is fair to say that he has had balls dropped which should have been caught. I also think it is fair to say that with the exception of a few younger QBs the Iowa play calling doesn’t always play to the strengths of the player. the coaches want the QB to be able to do things...
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    Spencer Petras

    I think his main problem is when he went to the Peyton Manning camp they have him moving around so much in the pocket with his feet he never gets in a good position to drive the ball to his target I also don’t think he looks comfortable. I think he is athletic enough but needs more confidence...
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    Mount Rushmore of centers 1980 to now

    My main reason to put Lohaus and Jepsen in was their NBA career. Some of the other guys listed for some other posts played more of the power forward spot. I tried to stick with more of the strict center position. It is a tough position for the Hawks, not a lot of real good depth
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    If attendance limited which 2 games would you most want to attend?

    Although not on the list I would choose our first playoff game and then the national championship game
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    Nine More Positive COVID-19 Tests in Iowa Athletic Department

    It is going to get really interesting on so many fronts. The way we have seen football up to this point is out the window. IF there are games I don't see them being in front of crowds which will help with TV money and maybe you will see more pay per view type games but if there turns out to be...
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    Ticket Talk?

    Just curious if there have been any rumors or information regarding how seating would be if they actually play any games? Preferences to season ticket holders etc? I think my son's football team will not have a season so may try to get down to a game. Still optimistic the Hawks will play but...
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    Mount Rushmore of centers 1980 to now

    Garza Earl Lohaus Jepsen
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    Favorite Iowa State Moment

    Back then those types of crackback blocks were not illegal. Today they are because it is considered blocking a defenseless player as they did not have the opportunity to see Yanda coming for more than a few steps. I do not know the exact verbiage of the rule but we had to cover it more than...
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    A look at the Kansas City Law Firm Investigating Iowa Football

    Agree, if U of I is paying the bill there will be some bias involved. That said from all the stuff going on around the country and the climate of not only football but the world I think KF is genuine when he said changes will be made. Will they be enough to quell any dissent or hard feelings...
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    Judgments without Details

    The military is a little different then college sports in the sense that is can be a life or death situation where you are not only responsible for your life but the lives of everyone else. Part of that is the weeding out process to see if you can mentally take the stress of warfare. Doyle...
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    Mike Gundy

    The country is really at a tipping point. It goes both ways where everyone should get a voice but it seems like more and more voices are being muffled or just not heard. it looked like Grundy was fishing or boating and wasn’t dressed for an event and was a crappy t-shirt. What if he had on a...
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    University of Iowa Cuts Ties With Chris Doyle.

    Don't think he is really the scape goat since he got fired and in all actuality it has probably ended his career. You're naive to think that this wouldn't have happened. There are coaches who have done worse and gotten paid much more in their separation deals. In this line of work and in many...
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    Wadley's mom active on Facebook

    Same with the NFL, sure he wasn't drafted but he did get signed by the Titans and had his opportunity in their camp and preseason. The fact everyone is overlooking especially her is that the running back position in the NFL is not that sought after anymore and would be towards the bottom if you...