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  1. vegashawki

    Portal needs

    I understand portal needs. What about concerns of who will enter. I worry Caleb Brown who has emerged as Iowa’s only offensive threat outside of stacked TE room will leave. Why stay when you can enter and make money on a competent offense elsewhere, especially after who knows what truly happened...
  2. vegashawki

    Cades influence on other players

    Can Cade convince Coop, Lachey, All and others that are eligible to comeback for potential of a special season? If we would have had a QB with a competent OC this year, how things could have been so different… I hope he gets studs to comeback and Iowa shocks a lot of people.
  3. vegashawki

    BCG Day

    Man not living in Iowa and this being first game in person, what a waste of such a good defense having such a horrible offense. We don’t need him for bowl game. Thanks, but bye.
  4. vegashawki

    BCG Day

    Bye Brian
  5. vegashawki

    BCG Day

    Iowa fan’s definitely in minority in Indy… shocked at how many Michigan fans are here.
  6. vegashawki

    BCG Day

    Here at Indy. Tin Roof was packed with Hawk fans, but I feel like I saw more Michigan fans overall. We’ll be cheering loud for the good guys, LFG Hawks!
  7. vegashawki

    QBs hitting the transfer portal

    Damn. Not sure I can keep drinking all this swarm beer to allow Iowa to keep up in transfer portal, but I’ll try!
  8. vegashawki

    QBs hitting the transfer portal

    Also makes me curious what we forked out to get Cade. Crazy ass times we are living in now that college players make that kind of money. Wonder what stipulations and shit are in those contracts, what a legal nightmare . I could definitely see this as the type of thing that pushes Kirk into...
  9. vegashawki

    QBs hitting the transfer portal

    Sheds light on Spencer Petras hitting the portal… he has estimated value of $250k. Why wouldn’t you? Shit at 43 give me an estimated value of $250k and I’ll throw some cleats on. Their personal trainers and massage therapist got there work cut out for them though lol
  10. vegashawki

    Preview, Prediction: B1G Championship Game

    31-6 Michigan
  11. vegashawki

    Documentary Must Watch

    Bye Bye Barry new documentary on Amazon. His god given talent and humility is something lacking from today’s game. If you’re like me trying to fill my football void until Saturday I strongly suggest this documentary.
  12. vegashawki

    15 receptions by WRs

    I don’t know if the WR’s will be getting the separation like they have last few games when we play OSU or Michigan with more talented DB’s.
  13. vegashawki

    Championship Game

    I found online West Champs will be home team in 2023… hope I bought tickets on good guys side (home side). I hate Michigan fans… bunch of d-bags
  14. vegashawki

    Here's the Scariest thing ...

    Two names for you……… PARKER & TAYLOR Fixed it for you
  15. vegashawki

    Is it true the Illinois didn't participate in the wave?

    Classless if true. Anyone that has had a family member with a serious illness should educate their players about what it means to those kids. There is a delay in game regardless to do it a changing of field and such.
  16. vegashawki

    Illinois - Iowa Game Thread

    Makes me think Kirk isn’t telling us something… I hope he doesn’t retire, but understand this might be perfect storm for it to actually happen
  17. vegashawki

    Championship Game

    Didn’t say anything about playoffs this year, I’m not agonizing over anything brother. You good? Hope you’re having a good day
  18. vegashawki

    Championship Game

    I feel like if we are able win one of the next two games and make it to the championship game we will likely get to Indy and get destroyed. Now with that being said… my brothers and I already bought tickets to go. Realistically regardless of coaching changes and how it all shakes out with the...
  19. vegashawki

    Great Iowa win

    what is the story with Caleb Brown? Anyone know facts about why his as been absent prior to last 2 weeks?