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    Illinois - Iowa Game Thread

    Don't you mean 10-1?
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    ILLINOIS `23

    I like this take but I think we cover. Hawks 9 Illinois 5
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    Next year the D finally falls off?

    I'm about 99.9% certain we all said or thought that very thing last season....
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    Argument for people who say we have an '80's offense

    I think they mean 1880s
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    IA WI Score predictions

    I’m good with a fumble 6…just sayin
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    Let's get it over, Hawks vs Peds official game thread.

    At this point I’m not even sure Brad Banks could save this offense… That being said I think that’s what it would take. A Brad banks kind of qb
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    Absolutely ecstatic with the offense

    I like what I see from Cade and truly believe he will dial it in. Hopefully sooner than later. And we might actually have something in Anderson. He got a guy in both games with that double move. Really looking forward to seeing him develop
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    Anyone else hearing Brian Ferentz to Northwestern whispers?

    It's not so much that I believe it to be true, its more that I WANT it to be true.
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    Vegas Odds I saw Iowa -28.5

    At this point I'm more interested in an over/under of 66 yards of total offense for the Hawks. What say you guys?
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    Vegas Odds I saw Iowa -28.5

    That earlier post was from 2017....
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    Iowa Coordinator Press Conferences from 10-12-22

    "You play to win the game!" - Herm Edwards
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    Officials handed clowns the game but it does not matter

    My old man (72) said this offense is worse than the 70's. Need anyone say more?
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    Your Bold Predictions for 2022

    I swear there was at least one game last year the defense outscored the offense
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    Your Bold Predictions for 2022

    We score 20 TDs through the air. NOT saying Petras throws 20 TDs however....
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    Concerns coming into the yr

    I'm not even asking for 1.21 Gigawatts out of our offense, because that's just a pipe dream that I've only seen once during the KF era. But a spark, just a tiny that too much to ask?
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    Concerns coming into the yr

    My brain knows (or at least I think it does) that you're being sarcastic...but my heart hopes to hell you're spot on!
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    It’s the offense stupid

    This. And now the alternative is probably going to be a guy who either fair catches or lets the punt roll down to our 2 yard line. I only know of 4 QBs in the KF era that could consistently handle a 90+ yard drive and Petras isn't one of them.
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    ESPN B1G pre-season rankings

    This could be a very real possibility after losing CJ
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    The Wolverine Loves the Hawks

    Wasn't the coach in "Coach" based off of Hayden Fry
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    Is #15 Iowa's Greatest All Time Player? Who is on your Mt. Rushmore for Iowa BB?

    I'm not saying he should be on the Mt. Rushmore of Iowa but I never see Acie Earl's name in discussions of all time Hawkeye greats. Was he not as good as I remember? I'd probably have Chris Street on my Mt. Rushmore...